Cajun Cathedral-Work In Progress

Just a quick preview.  Making some progress!! 

Strip piecing is FUN when you make bunting out of it!!

peace and pieces,

5 responses to “Cajun Cathedral-Work In Progress

  1. basildonkitchens

    Another exciting project…I love watching the progress..

  2. When will the pattern go on sale? And do you know about what you will charge for it? Would love to get it in memory of my mom’s parents each of them was affected by colon cancer and did not survive and my Father n law had Lung Cancer and He did not make it as well. Be a great project to do and to remember them by as well. Love the Title of the Quilt it’s great.
    It also looks fast and easy to put together as well even for a few new quilters I know.

    • I’m hoping to have it done and perfected by the end of the month, if not before. It’s a queen sized quilt, BTW. I’m not sure what to charge. I’ll look on Etsy for comparable patterns.. What would YOU pay? This is already a 5 page pictured tutorial. And I’m not done yet. LOL

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