What’s on my table tonight???

A MESS!   Several works in progress.  I finished the top to the Cajun Cathedral Windows, so I thought I’d work on the scraps I had amassed on purpose.

From the placemats……

And also scraps from the placemat post….both of these are fairly small.   I need to add something else so they’ll at least work on a table.

I then found half a jelly roll and used the jelly roll race method.  Ended up with a double-toned runner and 4 place mats!

Put together a waterfall of pink for a coin baby quilt.

And a paper pieced pattern that you’ll see on Halloween Day!

I think it’s bedtime. And yes, that was wine!!

peace and pieces, amy

5 responses to “What’s on my table tonight???

  1. you sure were busy today I wished I could have said the same. To much going on here at the farm to actually sit to long to sew. I did manage to get my strips all sewn together today and then the first row after that. Was going to start on the main rows after that BUT, the family wanted to eat imagine that LOL.
    I am hoping I can sit tomorrow and get it done or at least partly done.
    I really like your pink waterfall cannot wait to see what it will look like when it gets done.

    • EAT? You mean we have to FEED them too??! haha Mine insist on eating 3 meals a day. Plus snacks! Go figure!! The pink stuff will become a coin baby quilt, but I have to find something to use as the background. I hope I have something in the stash, but I havn’t looked real hard yet.

  2. What a great idea for a fall mini quilt. I might have to use that one.

  3. What a pretty mess you have there!

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