the weekend……

Well, not a sewing weekend so far!!   Friday was a field trip with the boys and their godmother.

playing games

The Pumpkin Patch.   I didn’t get very many good pictures.   They were EVERYWHERE!

cutest scarecrows ever!

Then a trip to the park for pizza and playtime.

Itsy Bitsy spiders

I have a habit of shoving babies into pumpkins for pictures.   When I saw the HUGE one, I knew I could do it at least one more year.  LOL  And Little Guy picked out 2 teeny pumpkins, sooooo……

Pun’kin family

Then, WONDER OF WONDERS!!    The boys went home with Nona, the girls went with Nanny, and me and The Man……

Date night!

So nice!!   Cool night for a ride, steak at Outback.  Captain America on BlueRay when we got home.   sigh…..THEN, up fairly early for another ride!  Off to Beaumont where Harley Davidson had their usual saturday party.   We were only going to drool, ooh, and aww.  But on the way there, Loki started having some issues.   We THOUGHT we had all of her issues fixed.  Honestly, I was terrified to ride her home.   I’m not ready to leave my children orphans.   Enter, Jezabelle.

Jezabelle- a Yamaha 1700 RoadStar Midnight

Loki will be missed, but her franken-bike style was not customed properly.   We didn’t know enough about bikes when she was purchased 5 years ago.  Jezabelle is not new, but she’s gorgeous, and won’t shred a tire or blow a belt.  At least, not anytime soon.   Unfortunately, she also has no saddlebags.  Remember–we only planned on making a wish list!   The Man is a smart man and had tools on Loki.

See the backpack??

I am now the owner of a Jansport backpack.   Because how ELSE do you get things home without saddlebags??!  LOL  It’s still not the Harley the Man wants, but at least it’s safe.

I’m waiting for the boys to fall asleep, then I’m cutting 36 FQ’s and sewing them into a HUGE patchwork back.  Should be gorgeous!

peace and pieces,





2 responses to “the weekend……

  1. Looks like a really fun day! Enjoy piecing your back ; )

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