Pattern testers needed

I am pretty sure the Cajun Cathedral Windows is ready for release, but it’s always a wise move to have someone else pattern test it.   I’ve only done small blocks so far.  I could very well have screwed this up!  LOL  This is a QUEEN sized quilt.  I used 1 colored jelly roll, and about 6 1/4 yards of white for the front.  I need 1 person to do it full sized.  Any Takers??

This is the EQ mockup. 

Send a comment if you’re interested.  I’ll pick someone!!  Thanks!!

And here is a baby quilt—remember the waterfall of pink??

heheh   and for old times sake………My teacher from highschool found some slides!!

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “Pattern testers needed

  1. Hi Amy,
    I would enjoy making the Queen size quilt for you to take your pattern on a test drive, sew to speak! My favorite part of quilting has always been the piecing of a new quilt top with a new pattern that I have never done before. I likely would use batiks for this, if you would like something else no problem let me know your preferences. If you like the thought of the batiks I can email you pictures of the jelly rolls that I have on hand and see how you feel about them. Ultimately this is your baby and I am only here to help out, much like diaper duty!!! I would want to create this in the color and style that you want and think will display the pattern best. After all the finished large quilt is not only a test drive of the pattern but hopefully a bit of a marketable part of the pattern that can be used to help advertise and sell this pattern!

    I live in Olympia, Washington with my loving husband and our 2 adopted dogs. I am blessed to be able to stay at home and play with my fabric full time. Also very spoiled as just 2 days ago my husband went to get us some take out dinner and came home with another, yes ANOTHER, new sewing machine for me because he thought I’d like it! So if ever you need a tester on this or future projects just ask and I likely will be happily able to oblige.

    Thanks to my honest and supportive husband who always is their to tell me how wonderful this or that is and to give me suggestions along the way. So I can only imagine what it is like going through the process of designing and writing a pattern and needing that final test run for affirmation that it is well written and ready for release. When I worked in upper management and was responsible for writing PnP’s (policies and procedures) it was always a must for me to have someone else with a fresh set of eyes test drive the latest PnP and make sure that it was easy to understand and follow before I’d even allow myself to think it was finished and could be signed off on.

    Laura M

  2. I wish I could, but I just don’t have the time right now! Sorry hun! 😦

  3. I do all my piecing and quilting by hand and would love to test your beautiful pattern to see if it it would work well for everyone who hand pieces. I wish i had some of your wonderful design talent!! Barbara

  4. The quilt looks wonderful. The colors against the crisp white looks like woven lattice work. I love patterns made with jelly rolls. Having the strips cut makes it go so much faster.

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