making progress!!

So far, I have used up 6 bobbins, rewound them, and went through 2 of those already!!   BUT I can see the end of the batting hanging down!  LOL   SO I’m getting somewhere!   I ended up crawling under the quilt to check on the tension, and this is what I saw.

Isn’t that gorgeous????  I’m letting the machine cool down a bit.   I already blew up 2 thermistors in the first 6 months I had her.   I take it a LOT slower now!!  LOL

Hmm, what’s for dinner?  I got kind of cl, so maybe some Turkey Soup?

That’s a BIG turkey!!!

peace and pieces,

10 responses to “making progress!!

  1. That IS pretty!!

    That’s better than shoving him into a huge pumpkin!

  2. That is very beautiful! I love the picture of you son! LOL!!

  3. What a cute little gobbler you have!

  4. Amy, do you have a quilting machine on a table? If so and there is a lower shelf, I can solve you problem of crawling under the quilt. Get two door mirrors from Walmart and even Dollar store for less then $15 put them mirror up on that shelf and now all you have to do is look in the mirror. Hope that helps. Beautiful work.

  5. What beautiful quilting and that turkey soup is just too cute!

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