gearing up for the craft fair

I managed to knock out almost 24 sets of coasters today.

Aren’t they pretty??!   I love these coasters.  You can find the pattern here at Pat’s Patter,  and again at All Sorts.  There are many other tutorials, but these are the 2 I found first.

What a nice stack!

Come to the GrandLake Craft Fair.  November 10th!

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “gearing up for the craft fair

  1. I like to make them round also; same directions only use a cd as a pattern.

  2. They are beautiful.

  3. OH those are really nice. Great job on the coasters. I just might have to make me some to donate to a Serama Auction we have in out chicken Group. We are raising money for our first Annual Serama Table Top Show. It will be here in North Texas.

  4. Now that is a lot of coasters! Good job!

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