Witchy Sue–A FREE Paper Pieced Pattern

I am super excited to announce the debut of

Stitches and Kisses

Dorothy Gautier and I have joined our brains, and are creating the CUTEST series.   This is just the first of many.  We are not sure of the exact format, but keep your eyes open.

So here she is!   Our first Baby–Witchy Sue!  PDF file is here—–>Sunbonnet Witchy Sue

This is the same block in fabric!

Isn’t she SWEET?  And here is Dorothy’s version.   We have made a few changes since she made this, but you can see how the fabrics she used gave the project a different look.  The FLY and broomstick were both from a magazine about 3 years ago.   If anyone can identify the magazine issue, PLEASE let me know so we can offer proper credit. 

I made mine into a pillow slip cover. 

Isn’t Sue perfect?

Just remember that Stitches and Kisses will be releasing more stuff as the months go on.  Keep your eyes pealed!   Dot and I are AWESOME together!!!

peace and pieces,

23 responses to “Witchy Sue–A FREE Paper Pieced Pattern

  1. Thank you both for this fantastic pattern – I really love foundation piecing and yourlittle Witch Sue is very sweet

  2. Thank you SEW much for this wonderful last block of this amazing blog hop !! I’m making all the 31 blocks and put them together in a quilt.
    Thanks again for this little witch with her cauldron ….. Beautiful !!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful Witchie pattern, I will be making these for gifts for next year. Last year I made a wallhanging from the Fly pattern. I will have to make another one. It is from 2009 Quilter’s World I think October.

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  5. I have never paper pieced before. where do I start? is there a web site that I can go to for beginners?

  6. Thank you for a great block, Amy and Dorothy! She looks wonderful!
    Have a magical Halloween!!

  7. I made your block today and just put a picture in the halloween paper peicing flickr group. It was so much fun to make it. Now I only have 17 blocks to make from this blog hop and I have all the blocks ready for the quilt.
    Thanks again for sharing !

  8. Ada you start with A1, then number 2, 3, 4 and so on and on. Its very easy. On youtube are also tutorials

  9. What a wonderful pattern and cute little witch! Thanks for the pattern and for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. I printer her of last week, and have been watching video on you tube about paper piecing because I have not done it before. So I will know later today if I got the info right. But I just love her.

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