Should be sewing……

BUT, my Saints are on!!!  It’s a great game.   We’ve been super shaky this season, and are battling our rival, the Atlanta DirtyBirds, er, Falcons.  It’s close!!!  They are undefeated, so this would be amazing for us!!

I have so much to get done for Christmas.  4 orders, plus my own gifts.  Scary, huh?  But I’ll get it done.   I always do.  And then get my New Years Cold.  Happens every year!!!

The Apprentice caught a legal speckled trout last night with 4H.  So we are frying it, and 2 other packs of frozen fish.  NUMMY!!  She also caught a HUGE black drum that they tagged!  She and Daddy had a great time.

5 mins left to the game.  I’m going to have a heart attack!

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Should be sewing……

  1. Wooohooo, the Saints won for ya!!!

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