Sweet Skating Sue

I joined a swap.   Yes, I know…..like I need more on my plate.   But when I joined it, I really thought I’d have the time!!  LOL   Then, I FORGOT!  Oops. 

We had to take this Skating Sue and make a mini quilt.  No smaller than 18×18 but no bigger than 24×24.  I could have just put borders around her.   I’m sure most people did.   It sure would have been the SMART thing for me to do!  LOL 

But BrownEyedBoy was being particularly difficult that day, and I had to sit in his room to get him to sleep.  And I started to sketch.  Somehow, an entire scene played out.  A Cabin….

A 2 inch Skating Sue…..

Some Trees…..

Different tone-on-tone whites were used for contrast.

Swirly snow, Clouds in the sky, “ice” path…..

And a third Sue at 6 inches. 

Now remember, this is a SWAP!  Soooo, this trio of Sues is headed to Australia!!  I want to thank Michelle at The Quilting Gallery for running another AWESOME swap, and Jennifer Ofenstein at SewHooked for creating the original Skating Sue Pattern.   You two are amazing.

I’d love to redo the rest of this as a pattern, sort of an Expansion Pack.  But it has to wait until after Christmas orders are done!  Still LOTS to do!!!

peace and pieces,

18 responses to “Sweet Skating Sue

  1. Well, how adorable is that ! Your quilting is fabulous too

  2. You post made me laugh out loud 🙂
    Trust you to turn a simple pattern into something so picturesque! Beautiful, Amy!

  3. Hi!!!! WOW!!! It is wonderful!!!! I love it all!!!!

  4. SUPER idea, Sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!! Thank goodness for BrownEyedBoy’s moodiness that day!

  5. Great job. Guess it was good that your son was difficult that day.

  6. This came out great!!! I love what you did with it! Lucky partner!

  7. A really great job. Your partner is so lucky to be receiving that little gem.

  8. that is really cute. love how you took what would have been a plain block and made a story picture out of it. would be interested in this Skating Sue block and see what adventure you have in mind for it

  9. Thanks for the beautiful Sweet Skating Sue. She has arrived safely in Australia today. Love it. Thanks again. I do hope you have received yours in the post from some one nice. Merry Christmas Regards Tessa

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