Shades of Camo

I’m humbled and awed by the response I’m getting concerning Stitches and Kisses New Venture.   If you missed the announcement, go take a peek!  And if you’re looking for the giveaway, it’s here.

Now, the last BIG Christmas order is DONE.100_4665

Talk about a modern take on a vintage block, huh?  100_4667

The pictures STINK, because we had nasty rain again.  I hate taking them indoors.  Do you know how hard it is to find grey solids locally?   I knew I should have ordered from Kona directly.  Oh well.   2 shades of grey,2 black, and 2 white.  It worked.100_4666

A meander to mimic the camo print, and echoing in the churndash itself.100_4672

It really looked cool!   I was scared to work with camo again, but it worked just RIGHT!100_4670

Even a cool back!  I didn’t quilt as heavily as some of my other quilts, so I was a tad worried about the crinkle factor.   But….100_4669

…Yup!!   It still worked nice!!

The clients already gave it to their son.   (grin) Apparently, it was a HUGE hit!

peace and pieces,



4 responses to “Shades of Camo

  1. I want one! But I want some of that stupid pink & blue camo mixed in w/the grey. & I want some of that butt-ugly green camo, too, & some of that dessert camo too. I’ll find the fabric, you do the work. How much was that, if I may? LLLOOOVVVVEEEE

    OH! PS…..We’re driving to your Mom & Dad’s for the cruise. I’ll dump all those bolts of fabric in Uncle Steve’s truck when we come. It’s already on the list of things to pack. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

  2. Very striking!! Nice job.

  3. I love the b/w/g quilt. Great job.

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