WOW what a hiatus!

I can’t even BEGIN to describe the last few months!   Slamming out Christmas orders and gifts, laying new floors (which still aren’t completely done) driving The Apprentice hither and yon with Honors Chorus and 4H……It’s INSANE!  In addition to the Sun Bonnet Sue project going on, I am also trying to get the Cathedral Windows pattern up.  Something is going on with my .com site that I paid for, so it looks like I will have an Etsy store after all!  As well as a few other “store fronts” that my gal at Happy Together told me about.  I WILL get this all up this week.

I ALSO have a gift to finish that is already late, and an order that MUST be done very very soon.  So forgive the lack of pictures, because I’m getting to work!!

peace and pieces,

Oreo, our new daughter

Oreo, our new daughter

6 responses to “WOW what a hiatus!

  1. Life is wonderful…isn’t it?!?

    I got your email that I’d won fabric but had totally forgotten (or never knew). THANK YOU so much! I’m thrilled and excited. I’m renting an apartment from a friend and you can send it here…

    % Angie Knowles
    2663 Dartmouth Avenue N
    Saint Petersburg FL 33713-7819

    Again, I thank you!!!

  2. What a beautiful puppy! Is she a border collie? And a perfect name!

    • According to the vet, she’s an miniature Australian Shepherd mixed with lord-only-knows-what! She’s around 2 years old, and is only 16 lbs. She’s exactly the size of Robin, the Holy Terrier/beagle! LOL Oreo is a rescue, so we have to make it through heartworm treatments and training classes. But WildChild is totally in love!

  3. Such a cutie! We had an Aussie Shepherd several years ago, but, ours had been abused, and had a great fear of males. That didn’t work in our 3 male, 1 female household, with lots of male friends coming over.

  4. I just voted for your Skating Sue quilt at Quilting Gallery. Good luck.

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