Petal Power and Pretty Paisley

I knew a girl in college….we were in different circles, but lived in the same dorm.   She became pregnant with twin girls.   What should have been all happy moments turned scary.  They were born early.  VERY early.  28 weeks.IMG_1043

God gave me this gift,  and sometimes I HAVE to use it.  Even when I have a million other projects I SHOULD be doing.   Those girls, and Mommy and Daddy, need to know that someone else cares.  One gets my FAV pattern…the Carpenters Square.  IMG_1035

With my fav flower (the daisy) quilted into it.  IMG_1031

The other gets an All Paths adaptation (an original pattern).IMG_1039

and my fav girly quilting pattern (peacock feathers).  IMG_1040

And my little butterfly snuck in there!!  LOL   Add some zebra binding, and you got a really cool HipHop style quilt!IMG_1041

I also threw in 2 “scent dolls” made of minkie.  IMG_1042

I had planned on this being the back, but the quilting looked SOOOO good on the black flannel that I couldn’t cover it up.  IMG_1032

Meh—-the picture didn’t show up real well.  Trust me on that!!!

Now just do me a favor.   Say a little prayer for Bella and Bristol.  And for their parents.   Thanks.

peace and pieces,

11 responses to “Petal Power and Pretty Paisley

  1. Those are really beautiful. I’m sure Mom & Dad will truly appreciate them. Love you!

  2. Lovely! I’ll be thinking of those sweet babies! This is the perfect little gift for them! And who doesn’t love minkie on the back of a quilt? Quilty hugs!

  3. basildonkitchens

    I’m sure that mommy and daddy will take comfort in your gift and the caring that comes with them. They are beautiful. Well done.

  4. It’s always nice to know that someone is thinking about you! That is a lovely thing you did Amy! Hugs!

  5. Where did you get the large Carpenters Square pattern? That would be great for the center of a Quilts of Valor quilt (with borders added).

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