A quick tip…

I did not come up with this on my own, but for the life of me I can NOT remember where I saw/read this.   Anyway, I thought I’d share.  If anyone remembers where I saw this, please let me know so I can refer back to it.

Sewing HST’s and Hourglass blocks are a pain to mark.  It takes forever!   Get a sturdy piece of card stock or thin cardboard.   Line up your 2 squares of fabric, then at the card stock across, matching the corners.  Use the edge of the card stock as your seam guide, and sew a scant 1/4 inch away!   NO marking!IMG_1113

My black and gold hour glasses are VERY hard to mark.   This method is totally saving my rear!!   And back to sewing them up!  MIGHT have a top by tonight!!   A girl can hope, right?

By the way….see that 88?   TOTALLY brought him good luck!  The Apprentice face painted us all!  LOL11720_10151797807203787_138922248_n

peace and pieces,

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