A thrift shop find


Look at that, would you???   Now, look a little CLOSER!IMG_1176

Can you see the stitches???IMG_1178

This was a Hand quilted piece, that was chopped into flower petals!!   One of the pedals has a small hole, so I’m sure this was a way to salvage the quilt.IMG_1179

There was a COOL consignment/thrift shop that my friend Jessica took me to.  I’d LOVE to get a booth in there, but they have a waiting list.   I didn’t want to know how long the list was!  LOL  This was the only one made of a handquilted quilt, and I just couldn’t leave it.IMG_1180

I can SOOOO make one of these myself!!!  But not now——craft fair SATURDAY!!!

peace and pieces,

8 responses to “A thrift shop find

  1. Cool flower. At least they didn’t trash the quilt, but, tried to save some of it for something else.

  2. this is awesome, thank you for sharing! this is such a wonderful idea

  3. Beautiful! OUr grandmothers were thrifty too! Love you you set this off in the glass you chose….

  4. Ditto…I would not have been able to leave that little gem behind either. If you do come up with a pattern I’d love to purchase a copy. I’d use new ’30s prints though. I can’t bring myself to cut up a quilt, even if it is beyond hope for being repaired.

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