Crafting with the Apprentice

The Apprentice is an avid 4Her. This weekend is her Achievement Days. Crafts are displayed, tests on certain topics, and other competitions. One of the newest competitions is Duct Tape. And did she pick something like a purse?  NO!  LOL. I admit, I’m the one who showed her the skirt. But she didn’t have to jump on it!  Lol. Found a great tutorial on YouTube by Mark Gray and his daughter Fiona. We ran into snags-the tutorial skips some important steps.  But somehow, the skirt works!  It was VERY hard for me to stay away, though. Lol. It looked like fun!  I don’t have a good picture of the finished product yet. Because the glue on the velcro is still drying. But here is one of her working on it.


She is also working on decorated shoes, a headband, and an Easter wreath. I can’t wait to show those off! 

Another t-ball game tonight. My little slugger is adorable, don’t you think?


Thid is the first real post I’ve made from my phone. Sure hope there aren’t too many typos. Just testing things out!

peace and pieces,

One response to “Crafting with the Apprentice

  1. Elizabeth Tillstrom

    I didn’t see Any typos! What an industrious apprentice….. Lizzie

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