playing in EQ

I LOVE my EQ.  Like TOTALLY adore it.   I can design anywhere (now that my awesome sweetie bought me the best laptop backpack) and create some really neat stuff.   OR, I can just procrastinate.  And ya’ll, I put the PRO in that word!

A friend asked me to design some minis recently, and I have already messed with that a little.  While these patterns were still stewing, I saw one of those “bookshelf” quilts.  Yeah—you know exactly where my brain went!!!  bookcase small

Six 12 inch blocks!!   Mix and match!  This is fairly normal sized wall hanging at 2’x3′  But I have 4 kids!!   Don’t they ALL need a frame??bookcase mini

Now we are at 2’x4′  BUT (hehe) most real book cases are 5 shelves, right?   Soooo, let’s go FULL SIZE!bookcase mini large

There ya go!  3′ x 6′, full sized bookcase!  LOL  But NOW, there is too much repetition…maybe I need a few other blocks.   Other than books, what is on YOUR book shelves that I can try to create?  Tell me and we’ll see what I can come up with!

peace and pieces,

18 responses to “playing in EQ

  1. Stacked quilts, tea sets, candles, baskets, and figurines (in addition to books)

  2. How ’bout a black book to break it up? You could call it a “Bible”. It will probably shock your viewers though, don’t want to chase anyone away!????

  3. mine has dust on it. can you recreate that???? good luck

  4. How about some jars, or a short squatie jar turned into a fish bowl. I love jars of what ever, though most of mine are bug jars. I won’t tell you what I have on my real book cases, too embarrassing.

  5. Just though, don’t you need a baseball and glove in honor of your son’s T-ball game?

  6. I’ve got some pottery on mine. Maybe bookends, clock

  7. I love your design. I just keep returning to it because I find it intriguing. What about adding an electronic reader? It is a new addition to my bookshelf.

  8. I really, really like. On one bookcase I have my girls christening candles in wooden candle holders, a weather station and a clock 🙂 As much as I like my ereader I can’t resist a “proper” book from a bookshelf.

  9. Hi, I have a lot of things that I crafted and books on one shelf .Then I have three little boxes that I painted two have outdoor scenes and one has beads on it. That’s what I have on my book cases.

  10. I want to make a bookshelf photo memory quilt for my parents’ upcoming 50th wedding anniversary (which is in July of 2020). I need help really bad with a pattern…can’t seem to find decent patterns for something like this anywhere, and I’m not sure I can just imagine something up in my head and make it work. (I’m better at doing that with improv piecing, LOL)! Anyways… What would it cost to have you design a pattern for me which would feature a wedding photo possibly towards the center, appearing in a picture frame (paper piecing is fine… I love to paper piece). My dad builds and sells Challenger aircraft (if you Google it you can see what they look like). He’s been a pilot all his life for small planes. He loves scuba diving, lighthouses, etc. My mom & dad loved their cockapoo, who sadly passed at the age of 16 a couple years ago. I want some elements that incorporate some of their likes. They’re also religious, so one book as a Bible would be awesome! I don’t know… please contact me if you’re able to help me with a pattern. I’d be forever grateful!

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