Great ideas!!!

I got some GREAT ideas from y’all about the bookshelf idea!!!!  Candles, boxes, fishbowl, jars.   Connie suggested a ball and glove in honor of Blue Eyed Boy’s new foray into t-ball.  My Aunt suggested a bible.   My MOM suggested dust!  LOL  Dot (my partner with Stitches and Kisses) says a cat.  Well DUH!  How come I didn’t think of that!!  Mother-In-Law says it needs a plant.   Ivy or something similar.   Now I have LOADS of other things to try and recreate.   All of these are much more complicated.   These will take me some time!

Now, I can’t leave ya’ll without a picture.   Let’s see…..How about sneak peaks of the rest of the 4H products!!IMG_5391


And this is her disgusted look.   That tape was STICKY!  LOLIMG_5405

peace and pieces,

One response to “Great ideas!!!

  1. OMG!! What’s she doing w/the shoes???? I LOVE the “dust” idea!! Can’t wait to see what you do w/THAT! LLLOOVVVEEEE!!!!

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