free photo tutorial in the making, and a photo bomb!!!

I’m in LOVE with my Purple Patchwork that I’ll show off tomorrow.  SO much in love, that I’m throwing together a free online tutorial for it.   Using 32 Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads, I hope this will turn out at least twin sized.   I don’t feel right charging for this pattern—it’s just too easy!!   And not really a pattern at all!!!   But you will need a Wonder Cut Ruler for it.  I’m sure you could figure it out if you DON’T have one, but I do.   And I love my ruler.  Makes HST’s easypeasy.

so anywho….this is the stack of 2.5″ strips.   and a photo bomb from my aged lab, Dolce.   She is about 14 years old.IMG_5564

Who then made a GREAT big yawn….IMG_5567

and came in for some loving.IMG_5569

There is a reason her name is Dolce!!   She is the sweetest dog I have ever known!!!IMG_5565


OH!!   I tried to post on my cell phone the other day and it knocked off the last picture.   My Aunt, (named Lesterbadass on here!) made me aware that it did so!!!   Sooooo…..wpid-20130330_093502.jpg

Those are shadow boxes with no glass, filled with fabric.   My birthday is in June……….wanna send me frames??   or fabric??!!!!   LOL  G’night ya’ll!!

peace and pieces,

One response to “free photo tutorial in the making, and a photo bomb!!!

  1. Dolce is adorable and those fabric frames are fantastic….. I will take your leftovers…. my birthday is in July! Can’t wait to see your tutorial tomorrow!

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