Purple Patchwork


Take some 1/2 yards……IMG_5593

Hack it into submission….IMG_5597

Throw it into the air….IMG_5596

And let the blocks fall where they may!  And for the back, I did almost the same thing.  IMG_5595

Found a BUNCH of purples and chopped it all up.  IMG_5591

My favorite daisy meander, and a scrappy binding finish it off.  IMG_5598

This is the “pattern” I am working on for the free picture tutorial.  I already have a lot written.   I hope it looks good with the many colors.   It worked out well with all purples!


Update…..The tutorial is DONE!   Go HERE for the tutorial.Purple Patchwork Collage

peace and pieces,

7 responses to “Purple Patchwork

  1. I love it!!!

  2. lovely! Did you just randomly piece it? The back fits perfectly with the front….

  3. Very pretty – love the random splashes of colour! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. It’s beautiful, but I’m partial to purple!! I can see it in different colors also. Can’t wait to see your tutorial.

  5. Wow! THAT one turned out nice!!

  6. Purple is my new color 🙂 Love it! I also do the daisy meander… I call it my quilting dance 🙂

  7. Pretty purples. I’m laughing at the image of you throwing blocks up in the air to fall where they may. ;D

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