I really LOVE hourglasses.  Remember the Autumn Leaves one from November 2010?IMG_5603

I’m still afraid of “real” feathers, so I did these peacock ones.  I’m pretty darn pleased!IMG_5602

There’s a gold thread in that fabric that kept shining in the sun.   SO pretty!IMG_5604 IMG_5605

The back always shows off the quilting so well.IMG_5606

Understated, yet AWESOME!  lol   Yeah–I’m tooting my horn here!IMG_5607

Another scrappy binding.   I’m discovering that I REALLY like this look.IMG_5610

While I was out there, this amazing scent kept finding my nose.  The franken-satsuma might not produce good fruit, but it sure as heck SMELLS AWESOME!IMG_5580

Minnie kitty is enjoying the sunshine, too.IMG_5583

LOOK!   Got the first 48 blocks all ready to go already.   Time to make some mega HST’s!Hourglass collage

peace and pieces,

2 responses to “Hourglasses

  1. Beautiful quilt. I love your colours. The yellow really makes it look bright. I also love your purples quilt . I agree that scrappy binding is very affective.

  2. basildonkitchens


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