ToDONE list

My To Do list is awfully long.   I have to wonder, when will I EVER get anything onto the To DONE list?    2-17-2016Ugh.   The number of UFO’s over here is terrifying, plus the orders that I have got to get to.  Right now, paying orders are 4 twins…..and all are due fairly soon!  2-17-2018Plus several other orders that havn’t been paid for, but I’m positive will be soon.IMG_1324-001  On top of it all, I have a quilt for my father in law–his birthday was in JANUARY.   It’s still not done.   IMG_4693-003And I am in dire need of a few things here.  Rugs, curtains, boxes……those kinds of things.   IMG_1313-001There are also the patterns.   I have a gorgeous set of charms over here that I’d love to create a pattern for, but I don’t have enough time.  Gabby_Aug_2012_091(1)-002There’s another pattern that is mostly worked out, but needs a final sewing so I can get pictures.  IMG_4683-002Once again….TIME.  I suppose being here on this darn grey and black box isn’t helping, either.  IMG_1517-002

So what are all these pictures?IMG_1524-002My Apprentice (who is no longer MY apprentice) took these for a 4H photo contest.IMG_1528-002Every photo took 1st or 2nd in it’s category.

Just thought I’d lighten the post with some good art!!!  LOL  Now, OFF TO WORK!!!

peace and pieces,

3 responses to “ToDONE list

  1. HOLY CRAAAAPPP!!!! GG’s got some BIG potential. Is this the field she’s planning on going into??

  2. wonderful pictures…
    But these puddles, I’ve never seen such large ones… 🙂 the kids must love it!
    Greetz from switzerland, little country with little puddles….

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