What a surprise!!

First of all, Free Motion By The River just featured Stitches and Kisses April Shower Sue!!  LOOK HERE!

I’m super stoked.   And THEN,  I got my wap from the She’s Sew Modern Star!945757_10151453670313884_1636805477_n

It fits perfectly!!   I want to paint the kitchen–this wall will be a light creamy yellow, and an accent wall will be red.  Honestly, the EXACT shade of red she chose!!  I’m SO EXCITED!


Now, MINE needs to be finished and mailed no later than Friday…..and I HATE it.  I don’t know why—I just don’t.   Too much white perhaps?  I have some variegated thread in red/white/blue.   But probably not enough to do the pebbles I was considering.  But it is supposed to be modern——-so maybe pebble as much as I can with the variegated, and then switch blue and red and do patches??!!  Maybe the dark pebbles will cover the white?  What do YOU think?   The more ideas, the better.

Oh–and DOUBLE thanks for all the comments about the ancient churn dash flimsy.   I think I will combine every one’s idea.   I will CAREFULLY ditch on the machine and bind.   And then will hand quilt each square.  It may take forever, but it will be both useable AND hand quilted!!  That way it’s not being super stretched on my longarm for too long, too.  I was worried about the seams.   Who knows how that old thread will hold up.

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “What a surprise!!

  1. I think you should do straight lines in red. Just one suggestion.

  2. Why not use your red and blue thread to make other stars in the white? Love the idea of pebbles in variegated thread. You could also go off your pieced star points – using the big stars – in red off the red points and blue off the blue points, like rays…and create cross-hatching in the process. Lots of straight lines maybe .5″ apart and they will go in all directions. You could choose to pebble between some of the lines as well. Or pebble around the “round” star blocks for a couple of inches and do the straight red/blue lines from the big stars to the pebbles. Is that enough ideas for you?? Quilting is my favorite part of the process 🙂

  3. LOL Loads of ideas! Thank you! I ended up with just a meander with stars. And it worked out great. just enough color to “dirty” the bright white, but not enough to detract from the pieced stars.

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