Mystery Quilt….

I did a mystery quilt once or twice and reallu enjoyed it.  I have been thinking of doing one here, and am wondering what kind of response it would get.  WOULD you be interested?  And what size?

I have a meeting this AM, but I hope to get this quilted up today.  We shall see!


peace and pieces,

14 responses to “Mystery Quilt….

  1. Your blue bird top turned out so cute!

  2. Your quilt came out so wonderful.

  3. Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 13:21:37 +0000 To:

  4. Me encanta su pájaro azul .Es un pato?
    Si hace una colcha misterio lo intentaría.
    El tamaño?
    No se .Tiene que ver con lo difícil que pueda ser.
    Aunque lo fácil a veces no es atractivo.
    1000 cariños.

  5. Your birdie is so sweet! Love the flowerborders. I love mysteries and would be interested. What about a throw size to snuggle under?
    Have a great day

    • I was thinking throw or possible even a square wall art/table topper. For my first one at least! And thanks….the pattern for the bird is on here somewhere. My partner created her.

  6. I would be interested, and just a throw size or smaller.

  7. I’d be in for a Mystery quilt also, just keeping it small tho, the last thing I want to tackle at the moment is a huge quilt, when I’m trying to finish up the others I’ve got going.. 😉

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