Magnolia Blossom

Long story short……my Sister In Law suffered a stroke, and her favorite flower is the magnolia blossom.   This is for her.IMG_7119

I started with plain white fabric, and quilted it with words.  Love, Hope, Prayers, and Faith.  IMG_6153



Then cut it into petals.IMG_6165

The center is just a wad of fabric wrapped around some skewers.  Somehow, it worked out.  IMG_7125


Hot glue is my friend!  All of this is held together with the hot glue.IMG_7124

Most of this was inspired by my Thrift Store Find.   Remember that?   It looked like this.IMG_1182

I ask for continued prayers for Tina.  She has a very very long road to travel.   And for her husband John.  IMG_7126

As soon as I find the petal patterns, I will have a decent tutorial for this.

peace and pieces,

9 responses to “Magnolia Blossom

  1. Truly lovely.

  2. Ilene at Kitchener Quilter

    Praying for your sil. Beautiful magnolia flower for her.

  3. I am sure she will love and appreciate it. It came out wonderful.

  4. that is very cool and I hope she will be well again soon

  5. Hope your sister in law recovers completely, and as quickly as possible. I just said a prayer for her.

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