Magnolia Blossom Tutorial

Here in the south, we LOVE the Magnolia.

IMG_7119The huge glossy leaves, the creamy petals.  They are just stunning.

IMG_7120But I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a fabric version.   So, I made my own!

IMG_6157I started by quilting a large portion of white fabric, and smaller portion of green.  Because this is for a special person, I quilted words.  However, plain ole meander quilting will work just fine.

IMG_6158Cut the pieces using the pattern here—->  magnolia pattern

IMG_6161Fold each petal in half, right sides together.

IMG_6163Mark 3 inches down.


IMG_6164Sew a small pleat.

IMG_6165This gives it more support and structure.

IMG_6166Do the same for the leaves, only sew a larger pleat—-I didn’t mark, but I think mine was close to 6 inches.

IMG_7109Now go find some wooden skewers.  Hot glue three together so you have something solid as a base.

IMG_7110I folded and wrapped a piece of scrap fabric for the center, and jammed the skewers in there.

IMG_7111I wish I could show you how I did this part but I only have two hands and the kids were in school.

IMG_7112Now hot glue a small petal to the center.

IMG_7113Add a 2nd directly across from the first.

IMG_7114Then the other 2.

IMG_7115Then hot glue the large petals around the outside.

IMG_7124Last, the leaves.

IMG_7126I cleaned up the bottom by chopping off the skewers and hot gluing more fabric around the base.


OH!   I forgot—-after I cut the petals, I washed them to get them raveled and crinkly.   I did NOT do that with the leaves.  I’m not sure it made much of a difference.

I sure hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you create your own magnolia, PLEASE let me see it!   You can share a link to your blog, or upload to the flicker page.

peace and pieces,



4 responses to “Magnolia Blossom Tutorial

  1. Indeed, we do love our magnolias! Your’s is stunning! Wouldn’t a bunch of these make a neat little centepiece? Thanks for sharing.

  2. What beautiful flowers and a fantastic tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing how you made these … 🙂 Pat

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