The process…..

Grandpa was with me when I bought about 10 yards of fabric earlier in the week.  Then watched as I chopped it all into 2.5″ strips. 


And then as I sewed them together.  When I was chopping it up again, he started to laugh.  And I mean a big ole laugh! 

“What’s the matter?  It wasnt good enough when you bought it?!” 

Lol. Nope!  It sure wasn’t!!!


And in the midst of all of this, my supervisor was breathing down my neck.


In the end, I think I passed inspection.

peace and pieces,

6 responses to “The process…..

  1. Oh Amy, that’s is just the cutest story ever! Both Grandpa and the supervisor 🙂

  2. Grandpa will understand when it’s done!! Have fun

  3. Love the colourcombination. this is gonna be an awesome quilt

  4. sewwritecreations

    When I first started on my quilting journey (not all that long ago!), my husband watched in the same bewildered fashion….and his comments? “So you buy whole fabric, take it home & cut it up. Then you sew it back together, then you cut it up again. And the point of all that work?” He gets it now, so much so that he is my biggest cheerleader and usually finds THE best color combinations.

  5. basildonkitchens

    I have heard that same argument – i guess we all do at some time on our quilting journey! 🙂 It looks great so far…

  6. HAH!! Grandpa doesn’t understand a whole lotta crap, does he?

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