May Showers—FREE Block of the Month SunBonnet Sue

Welcome back, ya’ll!!    The end of the school year is RIGHT around the corner here in SWLA.  We have had a lot of activity with last minute field trips, awards ceremonies, and (gasp) a graduation.  Yes, my 3rd baby is headed to kindergarten next year.  sighIMG_7280-001

SO I’m sorry this post is a tad late.   Dot is just as busy, but she still managed to squeak out the sample block for us.  THANK YOU DOT!   And as always, the cutest darn applique embellishments!  The flower stems are intended to be embroidered.   The 2nd applique is a basket with a butterfly, requiring NO embroidery.  Take your pick!!!may photo2

Anyway, on to the pattern!   As usual, it is guaranteed to be free only until the end of the month, even though I often forget to remove the pattern link!   All other patterns are available in the Etsy store.   Download the pattern here——>May Showers

If you sew up one of these darlings, please share on the Flicker page.

Off to work on that stack of 9-patches.   ALMOST done!!

peace and pieces,

Goofy boy

Goofy boy

4 responses to “May Showers—FREE Block of the Month SunBonnet Sue

  1. This block is so cute 🙂

  2. Yep my son will be graduating from Pre-K next week Thursday and then off to Kindergarten! Love your pattern:)

  3. Another great pattern! You girls are making some amazing patterns! Love the photos 🙂

  4. What a cutie!! I couldn’t reply to a comment you left me as you are a no-reply blogger.

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