New Followers

Somehow, I managed to gain a few more of you guys!!   You who think I have something worthwhile to share.   I really, REALLY, thank you!!!!!  I don’t even know where you new gals came from, but I am so excited!!

My birthday is early next month—–I will have a small giveaway then!   ONLY for my followers.   So ya’ll keep your eyes open.   and THANK YOU!!

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “New Followers

  1. I don’t know if my comment went through or not (I tried a minute ago) but I love your blog. You young women are an inspiration.

  2. Happy Birthday in June! I’ll say it now, and say it again in June.

  3. Are family members unqualified for this one? If so, I’m not related to you next month! Happy Birthday-enjoy your fabrics – if your Mama ever remembers to bring them to you!!!! LOVE YOU!!

  4. I love reading your blog, Amy! It’s fun and full of inspiration 🙂


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