MiniQuilt Swap Received!

It is ADORABLE!  Mine came from Norfolk in the UK.  I have no idea WHERE that is, so I will have to do some research now!   IMG_7399

It is completely hand quilted, with all these adorable embellishments.IMG_7400

The bees and butterflies even have teeny tiny sparkly beads for their bodies.


I would love to know where she got all these tiny flowers!IMG_7402

Samplers as a big quilt are not usually my cup of tea, but as a Mini, it is perfect.   And there is a COOL block here that I’d like to try!IMG_7403

And the BACK!   OMGosh I want some of this crazy fabric!IMG_7404

She threw in a sweet little stationary/file folder set, and a Post Card so I can learn about where she lives.  IMG_7405

Thank you SO much Ms Irene!  I LOVE IT!

We also opened the Looney Bin Pool for the summer.   The mermaids moved in IMMEDIATELY!  LOL  IMG_7409

peace and pieces,

4 responses to “MiniQuilt Swap Received!

  1. The mini quilt you received is beautiful.

  2. Cynthia Zoller

    Adorable is the right word for this little quilt! What a lot of play went into this mini. It sure is a happy little piece, isn’t it? You won’t ever tire of enjoying it. Lucky you!

  3. What a cute little quilt she made. Such fun!

  4. I so love that mini quilt.

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