Not Your Ordinary Nine Patch

Who knew the plain ole boring nine patch could be transformed into THIS??!IMG_7730

Meet Halo, a milk cow.   The gentleman who ordered her also ordered the Golden Gator several years ago. februry 2011 208

I tried to replicate Halo perfectly, and I THINK I did a decent job.  IMG_7731

Before I washed her, the face had a lot more definition.   I’m kinda bummed about that.IMG_7732

But the bag came out pretty good!IMG_7733

I appliqued parts of curving areas to show the clouds and the green meadow.  IMG_7734

Most of the green curves ended up underneath Halo, but the clouds came out!!IMG_7735

I will have delivered this by the time the post goes live.   I sure hope it’s well received.   I’m showing the Guild tonight.

Up close shots of the quilting…..Pebbles in the clouds, IMG_7742

swirls in the sky, IMG_7743

and daisies in the grass.IMG_7744

I LOVE my longarm!

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peace and pieces,

13 responses to “Not Your Ordinary Nine Patch

  1. Cynthia Zoller

    Halo is perfectly beautiful! You have made an awesome quilt.

  2. That is ” udderly” cool! You did a great job and I’m sure it will be well received

  3. She turned out magnificent!! That guy’s got a wonderful imagination. Why’d he order the Golden Gator? Has he got one in his yard?

  4. Spectacular!!!!

  5. Love!! Halo quilt is totally awesome and how beautiful is your quilting! You are so clever and talented! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love Halo, too … and love the man that wanted his cow on a quilt 🙂

  7. basildonkitchens

    Wonderful. So full of whimsy & charm.

  8. I love this quilt. My dad grew up on a dairy farm and I’ve been trying to think of a quilt to make for him. My brain is heading down a rabbit hole full of quilts with cows!

  9. Such a beautiful and special quilts! I love cows on paintings, cards and anything. This is a inspiration for me!

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