t-shirt quilt.

There was a horrible tragedy in my little community.  IMG_7750

I won’t go into details, but I will show the t-shirt quilt I threw together.  A friend showed up here with a stack of shirts and said HELP.  IMG_7749

She kept my house and kids, and I sewed.  Somehow, God guided my hands.   Not a single mistake was made; no flubs; it was perfect.IMG_7752

And in 6 hours, the grieving family had something to hold.  IMG_7753

Please keep this family in your prayers.  And go hug your babies.  You never know when a freak accident will take your loved ones.

peace and pieces,

10 responses to “t-shirt quilt.

  1. Bless you.

  2. They’re truly blessed to have a friend who thinks so much of them in their time of need; my prayers are certainly with this family XX

  3. Good job. What a difficult time for the family. You and your friend aided in comforting them.

  4. I had seen that quilt at the Rosary and thought it was simply beautiful! I didn’t not realize it was you that had done it. Very nice job Amy! I am sure they will treasure it always.

  5. This made me so sad! You did a beautiful job and you are a wonderful friend, Amy!


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