Vote for the next quilt

I will have an “empty” space on my machine for a short while.   Which of these should I toss on there?  Once these are quilted, they will go in the Etsy Store.Easy Peasy Patchwork

peace and pieces,

12 responses to “Vote for the next quilt

  1. Easy peasy patchwork.

  2. I like Charming Christmas but either will be fantastic 🙂

  3. I think for selling in your Etsy shop, Charming Christmas, as people start looking early for gifts… the whole Christmas in July is so popular.

  4. Charming Christmas is my favorite, though both are pretty.

  5. I vote for the Easy Peasy Patchwork.

  6. Charming Christmas is my favorite of the two!!

  7. I too, like Easy Peasy Patchwork

  8. For me that’s an easy answer :the CT purples one! The Christmas one is technically masterful with all those seams, but the purple one just sings this time of year. I’ve lived it since you first showed it. 😀

  9. Charming Christmas!

  10. Easy Peasy…definitely!

  11. Debbi Schwab Cline

    Easy Peasy Patchwork! Love the colors!

  12. Hi, go with the Easy Peasy patchwork.

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