Yesterday’s progress

First of all, I made a Hobby Lobby run.   Where Brown Eyed Boy threw my cell on the floor, and “lost” my coupon for a while.   Took me 10 minutes to reboot my phone and get it to work again.   Then—JUST as I was checking out, a nun offered the line her printed coupon.   WHERE WAS SHE 10 MINUTES EARLIER?!  lol  Wasn’t funny at the time, I tell ya.

But I bought the fabric for the next quilt, and batting for it as well as my baby quilt I have coming down the line.  AND the fabric for the Pelican dress.

Do you remember when The Apprentice was a Fur Festival Queen for a costume contest?  30(1)

Well, with the help of the amazing Jessica (at Happy Together) it was transformed.  20130605_083704

It was ALL her idea to hot glue rows and rows and rows of fringe to the underskirt.   Ya’ll, this chick is awesome!!   I never EVER could have done this without her!!  She even cut over HALF of the fringe in the first place!  Then I shredded the over skirt.  The cape, mask, and head piece were all based on her original idea.


I will show pics of the Apprentice wearing it eventually.   The hat thing needs a real hair do to hold it on…..and a wackton of bobbie pins!!  She will wear this in the State Costume Contest Friday the 21st.   The Pelican is our State Bird, and we went more Mardi Gras style than “Pete the Mascot”.   Wish us luck!!

peace and pieces,

5 responses to “Yesterday’s progress

  1. OMG…how awesome is that???? I can’t wait to see her in it!!! And GOOD LUCK!!

  2. What imaginations you ladies have!! Oh, & as for which quilt to do next (last post) I say “Christmas”.

  3. Can’t wait to see her in it. Looks amazing.

  4. Nice costume! Great work.

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