Foot Pocket tutorial

Have you ever snuggled into your recliner, only to have your quilt slip off your feet?  Or get all tangled in the mechanism when you put the footrest back down?  Try making a long, skinny quilt with a pocket!  It works!  For REAL!

Making a pocket is easy.   For THIS quilt, I made 15″ blocks.   This is it after quilting, but before binding/pocket.IMG_7758

Bind the bottom edge ONLY.  I sew to the back, flip to the front, and sew it down.  IMG_7759


Now flip up your pocket and pin.  The depth of your pocket is up to you.   This one is about 15 inches.  IMG_7762

Open up your binding, fold under the end, and then refold.  This encases the raw edges.IMG_7763

Lay it on the edge of the underside of your quilt.  Let it hang over just a tiny bit……about 1/4 – 1/8th inch.  Sew all the way around, folding over the end on the other side of the pocket.  IMG_7764

Another view.IMG_7765

Flip the binding to the front.  Pin tightly.  See that little overhang?   You will sew across that FIRST.  IMG_7766


Then turn the corner, and keep going.   IMG_7769

Doesn’t that make a nice little end??IMG_7771

Do the same when you reach the opposite end, and you’re done!!  IMG_7779

WildChild demonstrates how simple the foot pocket is to use!!!!

If you have any questions, please either leave a comment, or email me at squeegeatc at aol dot com.

peace and pieces,

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