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Post Cards

The Apprentice has embarked on a Community Service project.  

This Thursday is Grandparents Day at the Council on Aging.   So Apprentice and I made 60 fabric postcards to hand out.   Going through the scraps brings back memories.   This is from my Mom’s quilt.  One of the first I made.

This one was for my college roomie.   Her first child received this quilt.

This was a Saints Themed quilt for a friend.

And don’t worry–we didn’t forget the GrandFATHERS.

On the back, we made a line, wrote post card, and an icon for the stamp.

Slap a “Forever” stamp on this, and it’s perfectly legal to go through the mail!  Awesome, huh?

Check out this stack?   I love this kid.

Try to do something nice for someone this week, ok?

peace and pieces,

DIY room redo

These lofts were done years ago.  I think WildChild was 3 or 4.  They were cool, but you know me.  They needed PAINT.

view of stairs from the top

So Hubby brought the girls to the store and came home with these crazy colors.  I was a tad shocked, but hey—OK!  LOL

Launch Pads for the girls

The colors perfectly matched the crazy wall hanging that has ALSO been up for years! 

LOL.  Hubby and the girls started the painting, but life got in the way. And 2 baby brothers.

flash off to show the lights!

So, while they were gone, and BrownEyed Boy napped, I busted my hump.

BrownEyed Boy “helping”.  Notice the UNDERWEAR!!!

And this is the result.

Guest bed

The Apprentice walked in first. 

Then WildChild. 

Who immediately checked it out. 

And LOVED it! 

I’m really happy to see how much they liked the room.

The Apprentice’s hole

NOW, what do I do in the boys’ room?  Or maybe I should just paint the kitchen first???

WildChild’s hole

It’s good to have all my ducks in my nest again.

He is in LOVE with the camera these days.

peace and pieces,

Wedding ring, English Paper Piecing project

My Bloomerie fat 1/8th bundle came in.  Not quite what I expected, but the colors are great.  I expected more of a weight, a heft, to the fabric.  I sure hope this holds up.  But anyway, I decided on the Wedding ring design that I saw on Connecting Threads.  But I didn’t have the TIME to order their paper templates.  So EQ and I got busy!

I decided on 6 inch blocks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with a LOT more than the blocks shown above.  Each of those templates are TINY!!

Now, do I pin the paper to the fabric, or do I try gluing it together?  And then, can I glue BASTE it, or should I still thread baste before sewing together???  Hmmm—SO many options, huh?  A few more minutes of research should make my mind up for me.  Unless YOU have some ideas??

The purpose of this is that my Hexi project is TOO big for me to take anywhere (also the reason why it’s not DONE yet) and I have an event with The Apprentice this weekend.  There’s a nifty program called PreTeen America.

because no one wants TOO many words in a row!

Yes, I know, it sounds like a beauty pageant.  but I assure you, it’s not.  The first half of the scoring is based on grades, standardized test scores, volunteer work, and other awards.  Once the girls get there, there is a General Knowledge test, interviews, and a very VERY short onstage presentation.

arbitrary pic of Barefoot, airing herself out!

Last year, the Apprentice tied for 3rd place!  She also did a State Costume Contest.  That was fun to make, but I’m really glad she opted out of it this year.  Anyway, we have been working on a nice hairstyle.  I love this little headband nestled in a bunch of curls.

So anyway, that’s where I’ll be this weekend.  With the BOYS!  Akk!  lol  I probably won’t get much of this project done, but when the hubs has to work, I have to do what needs to be done.  It’s OK–I have LOTS of goldfish!

Zucchinni says HI, and is begging for FOOD!  Little piggy!

peace and pieces,

Pillows, Pillows, and MORE pillows!

Once the WildChild decided she wanted to make a pillow, she DID!!   Start to finish, even the quilting. 

OK, so I hand sewed the stuffing hole closed.  but that was all! 

It’s gorgeous!  I’m super proud of her for completing this.

Then The Apprentice decided she could not be outdone, and did THIS for her friend’s birthday.

But the Apprentice wasn’t quite so diligent, and I had to finish it for her.I loved the button accent!

While all of this other sewing was going on, Blue Eyed Boy decided that HE had to have a pillow too.  He even “helped” a bit.

I attempted my first ever string blocks, and I’m quite pleased!

So was Blue Eyed Boy!

And no, I didn’t forget Brown Eyed Boy, either.

Please forgive the crappy shots—they wouldn’t give me the pillows back long enough to go outdoors for better pictures!!  LOL

Now to get back to work on Sunset Over Hawaii.  The applique work is very time consuming.

peace and pieces,

WildChild–The new Apprentice???

Well, WildChild did some sewing today.  And is in LOVE.  For now…..  LOL  She is a true Gemini.  One day it’s great, the next not so much.  But for today, she loves it!!  At the moment she has 2 panels of 3″ squares.

She has already changed the pillow design 2 or 3 times by now.  First it was going to be 2 pillows.  One with the dark print, one with the light print.  THEN she wanted 2 identical pillows-1 panel of each color.  and NOW, she wants a BIG pillow, but we had to add another fabric.  Yowsers this girl is on fire!  LOL

The Apprentice has also gone to work-making a pillow for one of her friends who is having a birthday next weekend.

Either way, Butterfly Angels is in good hands.

This is what I am SUPPOSED to be working on.  But A) monkeys are on my BERNIE!  And B) I can’t find my black thread.  Darn.

And while this isn’t the best pic of my BrownEyedBoy, I still like the picture.

And here is another of my Zucchini.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before.  if I have, tough!  LOL  He likes broccoli.  a LOT!

WildChild is back at the machine, sewing up the next set of colors.  I’m so proud!

peace and pieces,

Blog Hop Designer!!

Good Morning Everyone!!  I’m am SUPER excited!!  I’ve signed up to be a designer in a Blog Hop.  For those of you who only follow me because you LOVE me, that means people go from internet blog to internet blog.  Looking for things, or collecting patterns.  In this case, it’s a block pattern.  Starting April 1st, each blog on the list will offer a paper pieced quilt block centered around the theme “Garden Party”.  It’s sponsored by  The link to the sign up page is in my side bar!!

I first asked my daughters what Garden Party meant to them.  I ended up with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies.  Then I asked Mom.  hehehe   She said WINE! Not a bad thought!  Sooooooooo, I added a lot of this together.  I’m super happy with my block so far.  I need to keep a lot of it a surprise, I think.  Yes–that is going to KILL me!!  BUT, I will show you this.  Needs some tweaking–notice the seams didn’t line up quite right…

Chardonnay, anyone??!!  LOL  I LOVE MY MOM!!

And now, BACK to the crazy applique.  All elements are stitched down.  The colored blocks for border 2 are cut.  I just need to measure and measure and measure again to get the panel cut to the exact right size.  The inner black border, too.

See ya’ll later!!!!


OH WAIT!!!   The Apprentice!  How could I forget?!?!?  She stole Bernie from me yesterday.  In the process of doing this, she reached 4 of the 21 goals for her 4H project!!  She pieced and quilted the front panel, added the back, shoved in a pillow form, and hand sewed the opening.  Threaded the machine, threaded the hand needle–Yup!!   That is my little quilter!

peace and pieces,