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Stars and stripes

This did not start out patriotic at all.   Even thought it DID turn out that way.  Sort of.  I bought the Fat Quarters from Connecting Threads WAY back when, with my Father In Law in mind.   He loves Blue.IMG_7758

That is the unfinished version.   I didn’t get real good pictures of it finished!!   Except this..IMG_7779

I put a pocket in this….Father In Law likes to keep his feet warm when he’s in the recliner!  IMG_7773

The kids personalized it.  IMG_7777

This poor quilt was supposed to be just big stars.   No stripes.   But I stopped sewing with 6 blocks left.  When I got back to it, I FORGOT that I had already hacked of the fat Quarter to make it square.   Oops.   SO I had to add the log cabin-ish piece to get them up to size.   And you know what??   I LOVE IT!!

There is no OOPS in quilting—-simply an opportunity to do something different!!963804_10151519878053884_2001371086_o

BrownEyed Boy loves it too!!

peace and pieces,

DIY room redo

These lofts were done years ago.  I think WildChild was 3 or 4.  They were cool, but you know me.  They needed PAINT.

view of stairs from the top

So Hubby brought the girls to the store and came home with these crazy colors.  I was a tad shocked, but hey—OK!  LOL

Launch Pads for the girls

The colors perfectly matched the crazy wall hanging that has ALSO been up for years! 

LOL.  Hubby and the girls started the painting, but life got in the way. And 2 baby brothers.

flash off to show the lights!

So, while they were gone, and BrownEyed Boy napped, I busted my hump.

BrownEyed Boy “helping”.  Notice the UNDERWEAR!!!

And this is the result.

Guest bed

The Apprentice walked in first. 

Then WildChild. 

Who immediately checked it out. 

And LOVED it! 

I’m really happy to see how much they liked the room.

The Apprentice’s hole

NOW, what do I do in the boys’ room?  Or maybe I should just paint the kitchen first???

WildChild’s hole

It’s good to have all my ducks in my nest again.

He is in LOVE with the camera these days.

peace and pieces,

Bloomerie fabrics, take 2

So remember that sweet pack of Bloomerie fat 1/8s I got in?  It was supposed to be a hand project.  A Double Wedding Ring.   Yeah—those pieces were too tiny!!!   My fat fingers couldn’t wrap the fabric around it at all.

Soooo, TAKE 2!!!  Start sewing.  And sew some more.  Stop long enough to iron.  I was too impatient to take pictures of all the above steps.  But THIS is where I stopped to iron.

Ironed them nice and started trimming.  This time, I stopped here.

And started sewing again.  Made “bricks”.

Added white “mortar”…

And here you go!!

Notice my GORGEOUS new faucet???   Thanks HONEY!!!   I love it!

Now, the pile of scraps????  Well, the little ones will get tucked into a tiny pouch with some homegrown catnip!  The larger ones—well, stay tuned!!!!

(my newly, mostly potty-trained MiniMe!)

peace and pieces,

Pillows, Pillows, and MORE pillows!

Once the WildChild decided she wanted to make a pillow, she DID!!   Start to finish, even the quilting. 

OK, so I hand sewed the stuffing hole closed.  but that was all! 

It’s gorgeous!  I’m super proud of her for completing this.

Then The Apprentice decided she could not be outdone, and did THIS for her friend’s birthday.

But the Apprentice wasn’t quite so diligent, and I had to finish it for her.I loved the button accent!

While all of this other sewing was going on, Blue Eyed Boy decided that HE had to have a pillow too.  He even “helped” a bit.

I attempted my first ever string blocks, and I’m quite pleased!

So was Blue Eyed Boy!

And no, I didn’t forget Brown Eyed Boy, either.

Please forgive the crappy shots—they wouldn’t give me the pillows back long enough to go outdoors for better pictures!!  LOL

Now to get back to work on Sunset Over Hawaii.  The applique work is very time consuming.

peace and pieces,

WildChild–The new Apprentice???

Well, WildChild did some sewing today.  And is in LOVE.  For now…..  LOL  She is a true Gemini.  One day it’s great, the next not so much.  But for today, she loves it!!  At the moment she has 2 panels of 3″ squares.

She has already changed the pillow design 2 or 3 times by now.  First it was going to be 2 pillows.  One with the dark print, one with the light print.  THEN she wanted 2 identical pillows-1 panel of each color.  and NOW, she wants a BIG pillow, but we had to add another fabric.  Yowsers this girl is on fire!  LOL

The Apprentice has also gone to work-making a pillow for one of her friends who is having a birthday next weekend.

Either way, Butterfly Angels is in good hands.

This is what I am SUPPOSED to be working on.  But A) monkeys are on my BERNIE!  And B) I can’t find my black thread.  Darn.

And while this isn’t the best pic of my BrownEyedBoy, I still like the picture.

And here is another of my Zucchini.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before.  if I have, tough!  LOL  He likes broccoli.  a LOT!

WildChild is back at the machine, sewing up the next set of colors.  I’m so proud!

peace and pieces,

Great, and Interesting, Day

Wow what a day!!   Storms woke us up a bit early, to begin with. I had only 2 kids this AM–WildChild and BrownEyedBoy.  WildChild has mentioned an interest in quilting (yay) so we headed to the BRAND NEW Hancock Fabrics.

Zucchi and broccoli

While we were there, I recognized someone!!!  Jessica, from Happy Together!!!  She is amazingly talented in the crafty sense and I’ve been following her for a while.  Photography, too.  I hope WildChild, BrownEyedBoy and I didn’t scare her off, because I really enjoyed the visit.  And her girls—OMGOSH!  J is insane!! LOL  I loved her, mostly because she gave WildChild a run for her money!!!  And Miss E was so serious, with the most amazing smile in the world.  She is the first little to make me crave a 5th!!  I hope I didn’t chase you off,  Jessica!

WildChild’s fabric selection

Of Course we didn’t leave without fabric!!   The above pieces are going to become a pillow.

And now, sneak previews of Sunset over Hawaii!

Yes, a Hibiscus!!  Takes forever to cut that thing out!!   LOL  I also have dolphins…


This suite will be AMAZING!!!

And did you know that herbs can be gorgeous??!

Me either.  Catnip and basil.  Go figure!!

WildChild and a bouquet of basil and dill

And on top of it all, Zucchini has learned to fly.   oh Dear!!   LOL

BrownEyedBoy and Zucchini

peace and pieces,