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LadyBugs, and a BIG Thank YOU!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and love yesterday!  66 comments and counting!  Although, I’m really regretting the “favorite food” request–it’s made me HUNGRY!!  LOL  For those of you who havn’t seen, please go to Autumn Sunrise, and enter the giveaway.

Now, look at this sweet twin!

Not my usual color scheme, at ALL.   But the client gets what the client wants!  And she loves it!   The back is cute, too!

I am getting much better at specialized meandering.  Yesterday I made shamrocks!  For this quilt-ladybugs!  They look JUST like the profiled bugs on the green fabric.

Now to head to town.   Must have food, and FABRIC!

peace and pieces,

Blog Hop Giveaway!!


Good MORNING, Blog Hoppers!   Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  Today I’m linking up with The Quilting Gallery.  She is hosting this lovely Blog Hop Party.  Head over to her site for a list of all the other bloggers giving away goodies!

But before you wander away, come in, set a spell, and enter to win my MugRug sets.  I’m giving away TWO sets of 2 mug rugs. 

They are all 4 different.   But all have the same mini border on the right side.

Each are quilted slightly different, too!

So HOW do you win?????

All I ask is that you either follow my blog, or my FaceBook page.  Tell me which one in a comment beneath.  If you want to follow both, or already follow, let me know.  Separate comments, please.  So I can keep the numbers!  Winner will be chosen randomly.   Give away runs from TODAY, Aug 25th until September 3rd.   I will ship internationally!

Oh–please also be sure that I can reach you if you win!   If you don’t have an email address linked to your profile, than I hope you didn’t lie about following me.  You will have 3 days to contact ME if I can’t contact you.

Thanks for stopping by!

peace and pieces,

Upcoming Blog Hop and GiveAway!

The Quilting Gallery  is at it again!!  This time it’s a blog hop with GiveAways!!   On August 26th a list of bloggers will be released.  Each one has a giveaway of some sort.  Mine?   MUG RUGS!

I’m thinking of splitting it into 2 pairs.  So I can have 2 winners!  Whatcha think??  Come back Saturday-I’m starting mine a day early.  Sign up then for a chance to win!

peace and pieces,

We have a WINNER!!

I’m still not sure how the poll had over 100 votes in just 2 hours, when it had less than 100 votes for 3 days, but it is what it is.  First place, with 70 votes, was “Humperdink” with Phantasmagoria.  I contacted the winner, and she actually declined the prize!!   Probably because I’m in the middle of making her 2 contract pieces as we speak!!!  She’s a really great gal.  Anyway, she asked that I give it to the next place winner, with 65 votes, “Denise S.” with Butterfly Kisses.  So Denise, please contact me ASAP!  Your comment didn’t have an email.  Please comment here so I can get your info and mail your prize!  You have until Monday at noon, CST to contact me!

The newly named "Butterfly Kisses"

Last poll to name the quilt!

Sooo, here are all of the names that had 5 votes or more.  It ended up being 8, because I had 4 or 5 with 4 votes!!!!   This is the last round, unless there’s a tie.  Vote for your favorite name.  The person who nominated that name will win the pink version!!!!!  So, GO VOTE!!  OOh—and I’m almost done with the binding on the very first version of this pattern.  I’m soooo PROUD of it!!  Pictures tomorrow!!

You may pick THREE this time!  And this is the pattern you are voting for!  Original post showing variations is HERE.  Voting will close when I get up Saturday morning!!

Name the pattern now!

OK, remember this pattern?  I made 2 and my friend Manders tested the third.

You can go see all the other color combinations here.

We ended up with 32 nominations for the name!!  AWESOME!   So here is a poll.  Since there are so many, I’ll do it in waves.  You may choose up to 5 names.  Top 10 will make it to Round 2.  You have until Wednesday at NOON CST to vote.  THANKS!

peace and pieces,

Contest and GIVEAWAY!!!

OK guys!!  I’m super excited about this!   Playing around one day, I designed this amazing little mini.  22 inch square!  So far, I’ve made 2 tops, and a friend made the 3rd.  I’ve also made a million versions in EQ playing with colors.

This is the first one.  I’m hand quilting it and giving it away as an online swap.

This is the one my amazing friend and pattern tester made.  Please go visit Manders at


And THIS will be finished and will be the prize.

So, HERE is the contest.  I have no idea what to name this pattern.  I’m really proud of it, and I’d like to market it.  But I have no name.  I need nominations.  The nominations will be turned into a poll, and I will have you all pick a winner.  Whomever nominated the winning name will receive the finished quilt.

Here is a gallery of all the color combos.  Some are only 3 colors, while others are 5 or 6.  The pattern I originally market will be only 3.

Nominations may be ONLY made ON this blog post.  GEAUX!!

peace and pieces,