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Craft Fair November 2012

What a DAY!!    I had a blast!   We had a really good crowd, and 12 vendors.  2 had to drop out at the last moment–unforeseen circumstances–and it was still ok!!   We had exactly 2 booths left.  Plenty room for more, but we have to get more tables if we get any bigger.

Here is my booth.

I LOVED my stockings!

I filled it up fairly well, but really should have done more of my little stuff.

See this quilt?   See the full blog post soon!

And this is my sweet WildChild, trying to help out!  LOL

Truthfully, she was just trying to scam some money from me, and I hadn’t made the first sale yet!

peace and pieces,

Craft Fair in sight!

The craft fair is this SATURDAY!!  gulp   I am SOOO not ready.  No pot holders, no placemats, no runners.  I’m soooo far behind.  I do have some bookmarks, postcards, and quite a few coasters.  4 small baskets.  And so far FOUR CRAYON ROLLS!!  LOL  Working on more crayon rolls until the fair, but that’s about all.  I will instead devote the time to drumming up orders.  Showing off the quilts that I have here at my house, and of course the pictures on the frame.  I really need that darn LAPTOP!!  LOL  Soon.  I should have it well in advance of the November craft fair.

I hope to get pictures of the Soccer Ball quilt up this weekend, too!  It came out VERY nice!  Even if I DO call it the Quilt From HECK!  LOL  Just one of those “if it can go wrong it will” quilts.  I get at least one a year!

So a quick preview, and I’ll see ya’ll Saturday!!  

peace and pieces,

COA Raffle quilt

This really needs a better name.  Any ideas?

Tickets are available NOW.  $1 a piece.  Raffle to be drawn in May—the tickets aren’t in front of me, so the exact date is a blur right now. 

I LOVE the feather panto I used.  It came out so pretty and soft.

It’s a slightly-larger-than-twin sized quilt.  It’ll be SUPER crinkly once I wash it!   Need some color catchers.  It will be on display Saturday at the Grand Lake Craft Fair.  Come on down and see it, AND all the other awesome stuff our community will have for sale!

peace and pieces,

busy busy busy!!

I’ve been swamped lately.  The Hubs had to go out of town for a long job, and I’ve been a tad occupied with the “Employees”!!  LOL  They do keep me hopping.  Then I had a miserable head cold that had me out on the couch for 4 days.  But I’m back, and raring to go!!!

“Butterfly Kisses” was shipped to the winner.  She asked that it be unquilted, because she wants to add to it.  Can’t WAIT to see what she does!!!  Then I made 4 Easter Baskets.  I didn’t use any batting, and they are a tad floppy.  Bust still totally ADORABLE!!  Here’s one!

I also finished the top to a super scrappy Pink Thing!

Started piecing a Carpenters Square…

Made the first half of the blocks for the next quilt..

Made a few passes on the Raffle Quilt…

and finished a baby quilt, AND the handquilted mini.  I hope to have pictures tomorrow for those. They deserve their own post.  I bought some fabric, too.  Not sure WHAT to make with them.  The craft fair looms close!  Only 2 more weeks.  and I have VERY little to sell that is small and affordable.  Any ideas???  Here is the fabric…

All are Fat Quarters, except the roll of strips.  I can’t figure out what to do!!  HELP!

I’m off for the night.

peace and pieces,



Craft Fair Novemeber 2011

Wow what a DAY!!  It was amazing.  We actually used ALL of the tables in the building, setting up 10 booths.  For us, this is HUGE!  In the past we have been lucky to have 5.  Plans are already in the works for expanding.  But first, need more tables!!!

Here are the pictures of my booth.  Christmas Aisle on the right…

Safari in the center..

Everything else on the left.  “Autumn Leaves ”  has been spoken for!

I can’t believe I only sold ONE ornament!  Oh well.  They last!

This still makes me smile!  Wish I’d gotten the pic of me modeling it, poncho style!  LOL

The 2 candy place mat sets are still available, and about half of the pot holders.  When this vintage rocking horse came into our house a few Christmases ago, I NEVER thought it would be used so often as a photo and quilt prop!

Looks like I might have a few orders for  the Portraits.  Only 3 loaves of bread left, and these place mats are gone.  Half of the Apprentice’s pins sold, and probably half of the cups.

Safari stuff did GREAT!!  Only a few journals left, and 1 waterbottle tote.  No lip balm carriers, either.  Lots of bookmarks left, though.

My view.  This was before we started.

The Apprentice sold enough of her pins that she bought this hat from The Hook Up.

She also bought some sunglasses from the booth below, Sassy Trendz.

This was the the best I’ve ever seen for us so far.  And with plans to grow it, it can only get better!!!  Now, to head to church!  I have a LOT of thanking to do!

peace and pieces,

The Holly and The Ivy

Step one–find a GORGEOUS strip set.  I used “Holly” by Moda.

Step 2–sew them into one LONG strip.

Step 3–Fold in half and sew LONG sides together.  Continue four more times.  1 strip turns into 2, 2 into 4, 4 into 8, 8 into 16, and 16 into 32.

Step 4–Panto an awesome pattern on the quilt.  See my butterfly??

Step 5–Bind.

Step 6–Wash and let it turn into awesome crinkly goodness!!

Step 7–SNUGGLE!!!!

See you Saturday at the Craft Fair!!!

peace and pieces,

Autumn Leaves You Wanting More

I follow a blog and Facebook page that picks an easy block and then challenges you to make just ONE a day for an entire season.  My BowTie blocks were the summer challenge.  I DID finish all the blocks, and cut all the setting squares, but sadly have not finished it.  This is the Autumn Challenge-Hourglass blocks!!  I took 2 charm packs (stacks of 5 inch squares) and ended up with this! 

I just think it looks like Fall!!

The “wind” blowing the leaves around.  It will be at the craft fair, SATURDAY!!!

If you want, I’ll add a hanging sleeve for free.

peace and pieces,

Gearing up for the Craft Fair


So many ideas, so little time!!!  Here are some potholders…

Several sets of place mats in this style…

Gift Cards left over from last year…

felt bird and pear ornaments

Into my Safari collection!  Journals


and chapstick carrier.

My model and her water bottle tote!

Photo boxes filled with a water bottle tote, journal, and chapstick holder

And then reversible cup sleeves

They fit insulated strawcups

and insulated coffee mugs

And this will be finished…

As will this.  Both are throw sizes.

And this will be a tree skirt , and it will be finished, too.


Hope to see ya’ll there!!!

Peace and Pieces,

Gearing up for the craft fair

I’m working hard on getting some small things ready to sell at the craft fair.  Last year I posted things as I went along, and I presold a great deal of it.  I’ve been a bit more private this time, and for a good reason!!  HAHA  As SOON as I posted the 8 penguin place mats on my Facebook page, they were sold!

I know–they ARE cute, aren’t they!  I washed and dried them now, and they crinkled perfectly.  Time to go find a box.

I also have a bunch of animal print bookmarks and a bunch of ribbon bookmarks.  Working on some can cozies, hopefully some waterbottle cozies, a new pattern for the journal covers, lip balm holder, Christmas potholders, Christmas coasters, and a bunch of ceramic tile coasters.  LOTS to choose from!!  I’ll post pics eventually, but not too soon.  JUST soon enough to get you interested!

Craft Fair is Nov 12th 2011 here in Grand Lake.  In the meantime, there is another fair THIS WEEKEND at St Luke in Lake Charles.  I have a friend there–M.I.L.K.  She has some AMAZING stuff.  Here is her FaceBook business page.

And these are my ribbon bookmarks.  LOVE them!!  And at a quarter a piece, the kids will too!!


peace and pieces,

paperclip bookmarks

How easy, and how CUTE, are these???  I’m gearing up for my craft fair on November 12th.

I’m looking for some small, inexpensive things to sell.  Coax the kids with a few quarters to the table, and then they drag their parents!!

Still working hard on my quilts, though.  Take care, and look for pictures soon!

peace and pieces,