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Starting ANOTHER quilt!!

yes, yes, I know.   I have a MILLION projects going on.   But I’m not really DOING this one!!  I stumbled across a Mystery project.  The FB page is here, but I found them on a blog somehow.  And honestly, I can’t find it again!  ******edit*****  FOUND IT HERE  OOH!   And the original blog is My Sister Made Me Do It.  Thanks for writing about this in the first place!

Anyway, cancer has now touched my life several different times in just the past week, as well as in the past.  AND the girls have been begging for a new project.  So this was just about perfect. There is a $15 entry fee.  $5 stays for administration fees, but the other $10 goes directly to a patient.  In this case, he is a boy names Jack.  Thankfully, the large tumor that was taken from his brain turned out to NOT be cancer, but that wasn’t know at the time the group was set up.  And little Jack is still having many issues from brain surgery, so he is still a worthy recipient.

We dug through the stash for the yardage required–I was nervous about using scraps. 

The first clue came yesterday afternoon.   I cut everything—they just can’t quite handle the Blade Of Doom yet!! Wild Child sewed the first half, and then ironed them.  

Then the Apprentice took her turn.

And here is our stack after Step 1!!  Cant WAIT to see what Step 2 brings!!

I’d also like to link up with from blank pages.  There’s a linky party going on, and it’s all about New Beginnings.  She is also in the Whims and Fancies paper piecing halloween blog hop with me.  AND don’t forget to check out the many designers at The Quilting Gallery!!  There is still time to enter the fabric giveaway here on Butterfly Angels, too!!  HURRY!!

peace and pieces,

Glorious Autumn Block Party!

The Giveaway is closed.  But please enjoy the free pattern!!


The wonderful Michelle at Quilting Gallery has been giving us a walkthrough to these amazing blocks!  In her words…

“Over 15 weeks, 45 designers will create 12″ blocks for the Glorious Autumn Block Party. These blocks will be featured, three per week, on the Quilting Gallery site starting September 4th. In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favourite online retailers. Be sure to check each designer’s post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in.”

My bio with some cute pics is on The Quilting Gallery‘s main page.

And now it is MY turn!!   Here in SW Louisiana, teal season has already opened.  Duck and goose seasons will open shortly.  The hunters around here get up before the sun, and sit in their blinds (usually freezing their patooties off) and wait for the sun to rise.  This is my representation of a goose in front of the sunrise.

The base of the block is easy, but tedious.  I used 1 inch squares to make a bargello-ish block.   Took me a WHILE, but they all came from the scrap bin.  Leftovers from strips sets, bits from squaring up quilts, etc.  I sat down and picked out 14 shades.   This was what I had the first time.There was WAY too much pattern.   Soooo, I flipped most of them over!!!!   Yes folks, you ARE allowed to use the backside!  Doesn’t this look MUCH better?

You will need 1.5 inch strips.  I could have used the bargello method-long skinny strips, sewn with strip piecing, etc but I had several pieces that weren’t going to work.   Sooooo, bunches of tiny, 1.5 inch squares!!!

I STRONGLY recommend some sort of labeling system.   I did not, and the cat decided it made a great resting place.   And when she skeddadled, the pieces went everywhere.  Thankfully, I had the above picture to reference!  Darn cat.

This will take concentration.   I recommend a glass of wine, and nobody to interrupt you.  LOL  I used the EQ mockup to keep my rows in order.  You can do one row at a time, or several, or all.   That part is up to you.  Once you have the 12 rows (sorry-forgot the picture) sew them into pairs.

Then put all the rows together and press VERY well!

The take the template plain duck and create your applique.   (Yes, I know it’s a goose.   Not sure why I named it duck)  I used raw edge with a blanket stitch to hold it down.  The pattern is already reversed.

In this picture, I have already added a 2inch border in the darkest blue.

Finish it whichever way you’d like!  I added 3 rows of Flying Geese, and a panel for a Welcome sign.

Next order of business, a GIVEAWAY!!   I hand picked, especially for YOU, 10 Fat 1/8s. 

I visited my local quilt shop, Quilts Bayou, so these are all good, quality quilter’s cottons.   Aren’t these yummy?  I see another wall hanging, or a bag.  Perfect colors for fall!!  To win this bundle, tell me what your favorite fall food is.  That’s it!   No hoops.   I’d LOVE if you’d subscribe to my blog, or visit me on FaceBook, or even Twitter.   I have Flicker too.  And Pinterest!  But the ONLY requirements are that you comment below, AND that I have a way to contact you.   (I have to re-give away a set of mugrugs from 2 weeks ago, because the person who won hasn’t gotten in touch with me.)  A name will be selected no earlier than Friday, October 6, 2012.   For those of you who are NOT quilters/sewers/crafters, I offer you this—if you win, I’ll make a table runner or small wall hanging with these fabrics instead.  Deal??

It would also be awesome if you’d at least check out the 2 other designers this week.  We all worked very hard on our blocks.   Sew Joy creations  and Harding Hill join me this week.  And for the entire list, head to the Glorious Autumn page!

Thank you again for visiting.   I really hope you enjoy my block.

peace and pieces,

Wedding ring, English Paper Piecing project

My Bloomerie fat 1/8th bundle came in.  Not quite what I expected, but the colors are great.  I expected more of a weight, a heft, to the fabric.  I sure hope this holds up.  But anyway, I decided on the Wedding ring design that I saw on Connecting Threads.  But I didn’t have the TIME to order their paper templates.  So EQ and I got busy!

I decided on 6 inch blocks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with a LOT more than the blocks shown above.  Each of those templates are TINY!!

Now, do I pin the paper to the fabric, or do I try gluing it together?  And then, can I glue BASTE it, or should I still thread baste before sewing together???  Hmmm—SO many options, huh?  A few more minutes of research should make my mind up for me.  Unless YOU have some ideas??

The purpose of this is that my Hexi project is TOO big for me to take anywhere (also the reason why it’s not DONE yet) and I have an event with The Apprentice this weekend.  There’s a nifty program called PreTeen America.

because no one wants TOO many words in a row!

Yes, I know, it sounds like a beauty pageant.  but I assure you, it’s not.  The first half of the scoring is based on grades, standardized test scores, volunteer work, and other awards.  Once the girls get there, there is a General Knowledge test, interviews, and a very VERY short onstage presentation.

arbitrary pic of Barefoot, airing herself out!

Last year, the Apprentice tied for 3rd place!  She also did a State Costume Contest.  That was fun to make, but I’m really glad she opted out of it this year.  Anyway, we have been working on a nice hairstyle.  I love this little headband nestled in a bunch of curls.

So anyway, that’s where I’ll be this weekend.  With the BOYS!  Akk!  lol  I probably won’t get much of this project done, but when the hubs has to work, I have to do what needs to be done.  It’s OK–I have LOTS of goldfish!

Zucchinni says HI, and is begging for FOOD!  Little piggy!

peace and pieces,

potential projects–for ME!

Mother In Law bought me some GORGEOUS fat quarters from Amish Country.  I’m messing around with Electric Quilt software trying to come up with a plan.

I LOVE EQ!!  Here is another option.  Colors are kind of off, but it’s close.

Not sure which I prefer.  Hmmmm…..need to let this marinate a bit.

And I signed up to possibly get this fat 1/8th pack.
Hmm–kind of small.  But I can link you to it!  It’s by Bloomerie Fabrics.  I didn’t win the chance to use it for free, so I bought it.  Not quite sure what to do with it, but I know I want a hand project.  I have a weekend thing coming up, and my Hexi Project is too big now.  I really need to finish that.

Connecting Threads has a free download pattern of a English Paper Pieced Wedding Ring.  That could be interesting!

Or even just a honeycomb pattern.

Decisions Decisions!!   I hope that fabric is here by Thursday!!

peace and pieces,

Great, and Interesting, Day

Wow what a day!!   Storms woke us up a bit early, to begin with. I had only 2 kids this AM–WildChild and BrownEyedBoy.  WildChild has mentioned an interest in quilting (yay) so we headed to the BRAND NEW Hancock Fabrics.

Zucchi and broccoli

While we were there, I recognized someone!!!  Jessica, from Happy Together!!!  She is amazingly talented in the crafty sense and I’ve been following her for a while.  Photography, too.  I hope WildChild, BrownEyedBoy and I didn’t scare her off, because I really enjoyed the visit.  And her girls—OMGOSH!  J is insane!! LOL  I loved her, mostly because she gave WildChild a run for her money!!!  And Miss E was so serious, with the most amazing smile in the world.  She is the first little to make me crave a 5th!!  I hope I didn’t chase you off,  Jessica!

WildChild’s fabric selection

Of Course we didn’t leave without fabric!!   The above pieces are going to become a pillow.

And now, sneak previews of Sunset over Hawaii!

Yes, a Hibiscus!!  Takes forever to cut that thing out!!   LOL  I also have dolphins…


This suite will be AMAZING!!!

And did you know that herbs can be gorgeous??!

Me either.  Catnip and basil.  Go figure!!

WildChild and a bouquet of basil and dill

And on top of it all, Zucchini has learned to fly.   oh Dear!!   LOL

BrownEyedBoy and Zucchini

peace and pieces,


I was already headed to Joanns, when I found a 20% coupon on the ENTIRE purchase.  HECK YEAH!!  AND everything was already on sale.  Even BETTER!  Sooo, 34 yards of fabric!!

for a RED quilt!

for the King sized Navy Quilt

because I KNOW I always need white

a sweet baby girl quilt

yup–I LOVE shopping!!!

peace and pieces,


I’d like to introduce a friend of mine, Natasha.  A fellow quilter.  She is the Scrap Queen!!!  She has ventured into areas that I’m STILL afraid of!!  Go visit her and give her some love, please??!!

I have a lot of cleaning to do this week.  I really let the house get away from me.  Birthday party this weekend, so I have to make the cakes, too.  SOO much to do, so little time.    Darn life getting in the way of my quilting!!  LOL  I DID go shopping yesterday, though.  Here is the the makings for the LLL raffle quilt.  The theme is our favorite Louisiana College, of course!

The purples are more vivid than the pictures show.

And  found this filmy fabric to make a pair of shorts for ME!

Yesterday Gabby was working on the quilt for her teacher,  She looks just like me-see that tongue??  LOL  I always get chapped lips when I work!

I’m proud of her.  Even if she DID have a meltdown while ripping out 2 seams yesterday!  LOL  Hard lesson to learn.

Time to clean.  See you later!

peace and pieces, amy


What does an AWESOME mommy do with this????

Make a birthday present for my Tiger Girl, of course!!  Stay tuned!!  It’ll be a super quick job.  Waiting for SOMEONE to take a nap!

peace and pieces, Amy


First of all, LOOK at my sweet employees!  They were such good boys at the store.   A mommy couldn’t ask for better.

I’m working on another Camo Quilt.  Who KNOWS what fabrics I used last time.  That was a year and half ago.  But this is what I ended up with this time.

and of COURSE, I hit the remnant bin.

the brown on top is Minky   SOOOO soft!!  only a yard, though, so not sure what I’ll do with it.  The pink and green match the john deere fabric.  Maybe some Butterfly Balls??  The zebra, well, who ever has enough zebra??!!

I ALSO have a new PRINTER!!  $30 HP.  The paper in the front is my Golden Gator pattern, so it’s working!

Guess that means i should get back to work, huh??

Ohh!!  Working on the heart wreath.  The stipple is very nice!!

sigh   The boobyboy wants his dinner, and the girls are doing homework. Time to rejoin the family.

peace and pieces,

Shopping trip!!!

Me and my oldest hit the trail today.   I HAD to get more supplies so I could keep working.  We still are all coughing our lungs up, but at least we FEEL better.  Even if we do sound like we have the plague.  Even in Hobby Lobby, we got an interesting comment about being sick.  I made SURE to tell her that I’d already spent a fortune at the Dr yesterday, and he said we were fine.  Nosey ole biddy!  GESH!  But I didn’t let her ruin our fun.  Look at all the goodies we bought!

First, for the twin Gator quilt.  The top is a dark green.  PERFECT for a gator.  And I just LOVE the yummy gold on the right.

Then, some mardi gras that I HAD to have.

Then, I’m involved in a small swap on Quilting Gallery.  ok, not so small!!  it’s HUGE.  But we just make small mugrugs.  My partner liked mauves and pinks, and an antique-y feel.  I hope she likes this!  I’ll add a lighter pink from my stash.

And last, I bought more of the stripe for the truck quilt.

AHHH  We had a great time.  What a sweet day with my girl!

Squeeky Queen and her Princess Piglet

peace and pieces,