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Shades of Camo

I’m humbled and awed by the response I’m getting concerning Stitches and Kisses New Venture.   If you missed the announcement, go take a peek!  And if you’re looking for the giveaway, it’s here.

Now, the last BIG Christmas order is DONE.100_4665

Talk about a modern take on a vintage block, huh?  100_4667

The pictures STINK, because we had nasty rain again.  I hate taking them indoors.  Do you know how hard it is to find grey solids locally?   I knew I should have ordered from Kona directly.  Oh well.   2 shades of grey,2 black, and 2 white.  It worked.100_4666

A meander to mimic the camo print, and echoing in the churndash itself.100_4672

It really looked cool!   I was scared to work with camo again, but it worked just RIGHT!100_4670

Even a cool back!  I didn’t quilt as heavily as some of my other quilts, so I was a tad worried about the crinkle factor.   But….100_4669

…Yup!!   It still worked nice!!

The clients already gave it to their son.   (grin) Apparently, it was a HUGE hit!

peace and pieces,



Star of the Tiger

My oldest BFF asked for a quilt for her son.   He likes LSU and the Saints, and attends Holy Cross.   HOW do you fit all that into one quilt??  Well, take a Carpenter’s star …..

and add my Fleur de lis….

finish with a blue back….

and there ya go!   Now, look at that above picture a little closer.   Do you see it????

NOW you can see it!  I two toned the back.   I love how you can see the pattern on both sides, using both the quilting pattern, AND the color changes!!

Look really really close, and you can JUST make out the fleur de lis with a “tiger” print.   And don’t forget the butterfly!
Sorry folks—boy or girl–that butterfly is a mandatory requirement.  If you don’t want the butterfly, you don’t want the quilt.  I do a pretty good job of hiding it!!

I sure hope this keeps Joe warm for many years to come.

But even if he hates it, his mom loves it.   So she’ll just steal it back!!  HAHAHA

I made a top today, too.   The crib version of that Irish Sister set.  I had to rebuild the EQ block to make it fit my purposes, which took forever, but I LOVE it!!   The sun kind of washed out the picture, since it’s so BRIGHT.   (please, lets not discuss the humidity that kept fogging up my camera lens) 

The client loves “shabby chic” stuff.   I think this fits the bill!!

Lat order of business, but CERTAINLY not the least important!!  I told you that I’m doing several blocks over the next 2 months.   The first is a bloghop called “Glorious Autumn”   It is sponsored by Miska at Quilting Gallery.   In her words,

Over 15 weeks, 45 designers will create 12" blocks for the Glorious Autumn Block Party. These blocks will be featured, three per week, on the Quilting Gallery site starting September 4th. In addition to the blocks, there will be Super Deals for Quilters from our favourite online retailers. Also, be sure to check each designer's post, as many will be offering give-aways on their own site that everyone can participate in."

Sounds like fun, right??????   The first 3 blocks are already out!  Click HERE to find the schedule and links.   There is also a linky square to the right.   That will take you to it, too.   MY day is September 27th.  I’m featuring a COMMON sight here in SWLA.  I just finished sewing up the block last night.  I can’t wait to show it off!

I should probably go, before I say too much more!!  LOL

peace and piece,


Soccer Ball

Check this one out!!!   It will belong to a young man who’s soccer team won the state championship!  His grandmother commissioned it.  I forget which way the arrow is supposed to face, but since it’s smack-dab in the middle, it won’t matter!  LOL

And she had the foresight to know what once he goes to college, he might not want this on his bed.  Soooo……

OH YES!  It is REVERSIBLE!!    Isn’t this amazing?  I like this side better!  LOL  Quilting is a star meander.

I’m very pleased with the way this came out.  I sure hope the recipient is too!

I’d like to thank everyone who turned out Saturday for the Craft Fair.  We had 12 booths!  This was the biggest so far.  And since 2 regulars were ill, we will be up to at least 14 next time!!   We’ve come a LONG way from the original 5 we had 3 years ago!

I have some things that didn’t sell.  Think it’s time to set up my Etsy job for real.  Can’t hurt, right?  I’ll let you all know when I get to that.  Probably after Easter.

OH!!   Do NOT forget to take a peak at the Garden Party Blog Hop!!!   It started yesterday with music notes.  Today is a teacup of roses!!  Click the button on the right sidebar.  A friend of mine, GraceParfait will be showcased on April 15th, and MINE will be on April 30th.  I’m super excited!!!

peace and pieces,

COA Raffle quilt

This really needs a better name.  Any ideas?

Tickets are available NOW.  $1 a piece.  Raffle to be drawn in May—the tickets aren’t in front of me, so the exact date is a blur right now. 

I LOVE the feather panto I used.  It came out so pretty and soft.

It’s a slightly-larger-than-twin sized quilt.  It’ll be SUPER crinkly once I wash it!   Need some color catchers.  It will be on display Saturday at the Grand Lake Craft Fair.  Come on down and see it, AND all the other awesome stuff our community will have for sale!

peace and pieces,

Blue Camo

Here it is!  I had a hard time getting good pictures-I’m running out of prop ideas!!  LOL

This one is a full.

And the camo is a twill, so it’s a bit heavier than normal.

I LOVE my backs!!

Close up of the quilting.

I hope the birthday boy feels this is a worthy replacement of his old favorite blue camo!!  It will ship tomorrow.

peace and pieces,


Purple Swirl is DONE!

Washed, dried, and ready for her closeup!

Full quilt with applique $300


And since it’s been a while, here is the littlest employee.  He’s helping make sure the quilt is straight.

Actually, he was eating grass and watching the fly!!  Look at his leg, down on the left hand side!

And another quilt is DONE!!   Feels soooooooo good!  Label tonight, shipping tomorrow.  AWESOME!

peace and pieces,

Aztec Purple

Today was a GOOD day!!  Both kids took a good nap today.  It was AWESOME!  And so very productive.  My strips got turned into blocks this AM, and then a top during nap. Once again–needs a good press and borders, but not bad!

full rail fence

The print is adorable.  Turtles, birds, fish.  I love it.

Time to get the girls from school, though.  I think I have to be done for the day.  Or maybe I’ll work on a few rows of the Wedding Trip Round the World.  Yeah–I’ll do that!!  I’ll border them all at the same time.


peace and pieces,