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Hexi Project Update

Just thought I’d share the newest progress.  The flowers themselves are done, and the vase is done.  Now, it’s time to make a MILLION white hexi’s to join it all together.  Here are my pics.

The Flowers..

the vase…

the combo…

I think it’ll be decent sized once it’s done.  I think it’ll hang on that living room wall.  Show that sucker off!!!!

Gotta Run.  time for bed, so I can load a quilt in the AM!

peace and pieces,


Hexagon progress and a Poddle Skirt

We had a road trip yesterday, so I managed to sew a few more flowers together.  My hand is really bugging me though.  I guess from cutting the cape appliques out.  I don’t know.  But anyway, here is how far I am NOW.  The past project posts can be seen HERE.

It’s a start at least!  I’m about halfway done with the bouquet.  Gotta keep on trucking!!

And here is a TOTALLY complete poodle skirt and petticoat.  She is in LOVE with it!!  We need a short sleeve shirt, and she will NOT wear lime green socks!  LOL

Look at her twirl!

See that leash????   She HAD to pick out the MOST expensive rhinestones, of course!!  AND I had to hand sew the darn thing.

The petticoat was a PITA!  Look at all those pins!

But that part is done.  Now, back to the cape appliques!

peace and pieces,

progress, giveaways, etc.

Well, I think I have a lot to share today!  First of all, I’ve been following several blogs, and one is having a Birthday party!!  Complete with GIVEAWAYS!!  Wahoo!!!  Go swing by SewJournal and sign up!

Next, I promised that I would share the projects I’m working on.  I still don’t have the purple thread, but it SHOULD be here today.  Swirlies are the name of the game!

and the back looks as good as the front, I think!

Next is the Wedding gift.  I’ve added the applique and it just looks so sweet.  It’s not yet sewn down, but the GROOM is impatient for pictures!!   LOL  He never DID have any!!  😛

and of course, the closeup!

I’m thinking a cream thread for the quilting.  I don’t want to overdo the blue.  Still debating, though!

Last picture is of the hexagon project.  I took a short road trip with Hubby this weekend and started joining my flowers.  Doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m headed somewhere.  At least i have finally decided on the destination!!  LOL

OK–I have a MESS of things to get done today.  Already spent too much time here.  Have a great day everyone!!

peace and pieces,

This week’s progress

This was an interesting week.  Kids, hospital day surgery, school things!  YIKES!  Not to mention just plain ole drudgery of day-to-day life.  But I managed to get a few things going.  Mostly while sitting at the hospital with my honey.

It’s been a while, but remember these?

It was the scraps from the Root Of the Madder line.Well, I found some more stuff.  I made 50 more hexagons out of it.  Doesn’t look like 50, now does it???

They play well together, don’t they?

I’ve decided that the blue will be a vase, out of which my riot of flowers will pour.  I just need another road trip!!  Get my best sewing done in the car.  Or the hospital, but I DO NOT want to do THAT again.

I’ve finished the applique name and borders on the purple, and HOPE to build a back for it today.  I gotta get that one finished!  And the plan for the Blue Around the World quilt has gelled.  Just needs to be implimented.  On a ROLL!!!!

peace and pieces,

Hexagon progress

I thought I’d show off the work I’ve done on my hexagons.  I started some of these when I was pregnant, and then got a LOT done on the road headed to and from NC.  There is still a LOT more to do, and still so many options.  I’m not sure where to turn.  I could ring them all in white, and just make a 3×3 wall hanging.  I could rering them again in another color and grow it even larger.   I could mash them all together (after taking OFF the extra white ones) and make it smaller.  Or then add a few more colors and grow it yet again.  See???  Too many options!!  LOL  I’m honestly considering the last one, though.  Here……this is what I have.

Looking at the mishmash pile right there reminded me of the EQ drawing I’d made ages ago.

But THAT has 29 flowers.  I only have 10.  AND that has many colors.  I only have rustybrowns.  I guess I could go buy some more fabric (GASP) and continue, though!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm       Any thoughts out there in Blog Land??

peace and pieces,

Happy New Year!!

Hello again!!  I am back at home, but NOT back to normal.  The girls are back into their routine, but I’m having a HECK of a time with the boys.  M is still cranky, and PK is expecting to be held most of the time again.  He is also teething, which is not helping matters.  I’ve ordered a Baltic Amber teething anklet.  Praying it works once it’s here.

The visit was amazing.  The ride up was scary easy, although the ride back down wasn’t quite as smooth.  Being there was pretty relaxing, with still lots to do.  There are never enough hours in the day.  But a good visit with both Uncles and an Aunt, and meeting the new cousins, first real REAL snowfall (complete with snowmen and tobogganing) and a visit to a local winery.  And of COURSE, total spoiling by grandparents.  Even Robin the Holy Terrier met her cousin and enjoyed herself.

While I was traveling, I worked a LOT on the hexi project.  I have 10 completed single rings, and I’m now adding the double ring.  I have 2 of those done.  Still not sure exactly how I’ll set it, but it is turning out to be bigger than I thought.  3inch is the way to go!!  LOL  I’ll take a few pictures and show off those soon.

I spent yesterday trying to clean a bit of the mess.  This AM was spent with a baby on my lap, working up some twin mockups with prices.  That post will be next.  But at the moment, PK is quiet in the swing.  Probably sleeping.  I hope.  I PRAY!  So I’m off to get a bit more housework done.  SO much to move out, so we can move IN the new stuff!!

hehehe  and Dad is going NUTS with his box of blocks.  He’s dying to know what it’s going to look like.  I can’t wait to get it done for him.

I will leave you with a few photos of the snow.  It’s amazing for this Louisiana gal.  But I sure was glad when it warmed back up!!

peace and pieces,

my snow princess