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Gearing up for the Craft Fair


So many ideas, so little time!!!  Here are some potholders…

Several sets of place mats in this style…

Gift Cards left over from last year…

felt bird and pear ornaments

Into my Safari collection!  Journals


and chapstick carrier.

My model and her water bottle tote!

Photo boxes filled with a water bottle tote, journal, and chapstick holder

And then reversible cup sleeves

They fit insulated strawcups

and insulated coffee mugs

And this will be finished…

As will this.  Both are throw sizes.

And this will be a tree skirt , and it will be finished, too.


Hope to see ya’ll there!!!

Peace and Pieces,

Lemonade and monsters

I stumbled across this gorgeous fabric and it just looked like Lemonades to me!!    I managed to “squeeze” 2 bags, 2 ID cases, 2 cell pouches and a journal.  I had a 2nd journal–I miscut and it won’t fit.  I’m NOT happy with myself!!!  What a waste.

And a quilty buddy found a pillow/bag monster pattern on Modas Bake Shop website.  I took a peek at it, and changed it.  Of course!!  I have no use for a pillow, or a bag.  But a smaller version, made with felt, and weighted with beans–well, now THAT is a conversation starter!  I’m going to make a few smaller ones, too.  Toys, or even pincushions!!  With some more tweaking, I can see a lion, a pig, a tiger, etc.  Something to keep in mind for March’s fair!!

One thing is for sure–He is too cute to be scary!!!

Another Day!!!!

Today will be just as busy as the last few have been!  Yikes!  And i REALLY need to mop the kitchen floor.  Anyone wanna volunteer for that???  LOL

Yesterday I had to go to town for Guinea Pig food.  While I was there, I stumbled across some BRIGHT summery fabric.  I couldn’t resist!!  I’m making a “set” with it.  2 bags, 2 ID cases, then I’ll make a wristlet and a journal cover.  I’m almost done with the bags.  Also yesterday, the custom journals were picked up.  the client seemed very pleased, so I am too!  The end of this week will be the LAST of teh bags, I think.  I’ll need the rest of the time to get the Christmas themed stuff done.  These are the 2 I completed yesterday.

Now the last thing i need is to get bit by another idea.  Unfourtunately, that has happened.  A friend posted the pattern for this little dude!!  He’s created by Moda and the free pattern can be reached by clicking on him.

Isn’t he ADORABLE??  Darn.

And I still have to finish the girls’ costumes.  YIKES!!!!

Felt birds in a Satsuma Tree, and a piggy purse!

I promised some pictures of my birds.  It’s super windy today, so I think my flock was trying to take flight!!  There are no 2 alike!!  12 birds, and 12 pears.  All in a different color combination.  My husband thinks they look too “old fashioned” to sell.  And he may be right!  But they’d be cute on MY tree!!  Or even added as gift tags!

AND I was experimenting with inner pockets on these drawstring bags.  I was gifted this fabric a LONG time ago, by a sweet quilty friend.  I finally got around to use it.  Pics of the pockets didn’t come out too good, but I LOVE MY NEW PURSE!!


OH  and I forgot my black and gold bags, and wheelchair tote!  As well as a bunch more journals.  These were special ordered.


Needless to say, I feel like my daughter!

Journals again!

These are customized with a monogram.  NEXT time, I’ll charge a bit extra.  Cutting out the letters after printing them took quite a bit of time.  But I didn’t want to just slap on black or white iron-on letters, either.  They came out nice, huh??!!

Now to finish a few more bags, before starting on the cell phone cases.  Oh!!  I got my handsewn felt ornaments done, too.  I’ll take pictures of those later.

black and pink

I’m getting a LOT of requests for Black and Pink combos.  I managed to get these 3 done completely tonight.

I promised some pics of the tiger bags!  Here are the ones that are for sale.  Of course there is a nod to our fav LA college!!

And this EXTRA bag is NOT for sale.  It is Wren’s!  Even though I’m not allowed to sell licensed fabrics, I can still show it off!  This and a journal will be part of her christmas present.

Here are the Tiger covers while still flat. and unsewn.  I hope to finish them tomorrow.  Once again, the LSU is for Wren.

off to bed.  Ya’ll have a great night!

a few more journals

These are just turning out SOOO nice!!  And I’m not the only one.  Orders are flooding in.  AAKKK!!!  I sure hope PK behaves this next few weeks.

fabric covered journals $7 each

fabric covered journals $7 each

And since I needed a bit of a break, I worked on the Rhapsody in Blue for Grandma.  I have all of the 3 strips sewn together and cut back apart, ready to be turned into 9 patches.  WAHOO!!  This is what it looked like in just stripes.