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And the winner is…….

Comment #59 gets the first set……

and comment #28 gets the second set!

So Congratulations to Mike Pearson and HueiSei!   Please email me with your mailing address!!!
PS, you have until Friday 8am to contact me, or I will have to pull another name!  Thanks!

peace and pieces,

Blog Hop Giveaway!!


Good MORNING, Blog Hoppers!   Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  Today I’m linking up with The Quilting Gallery.  She is hosting this lovely Blog Hop Party.  Head over to her site for a list of all the other bloggers giving away goodies!

But before you wander away, come in, set a spell, and enter to win my MugRug sets.  I’m giving away TWO sets of 2 mug rugs. 

They are all 4 different.   But all have the same mini border on the right side.

Each are quilted slightly different, too!

So HOW do you win?????

All I ask is that you either follow my blog, or my FaceBook page.  Tell me which one in a comment beneath.  If you want to follow both, or already follow, let me know.  Separate comments, please.  So I can keep the numbers!  Winner will be chosen randomly.   Give away runs from TODAY, Aug 25th until September 3rd.   I will ship internationally!

Oh–please also be sure that I can reach you if you win!   If you don’t have an email address linked to your profile, than I hope you didn’t lie about following me.  You will have 3 days to contact ME if I can’t contact you.

Thanks for stopping by!

peace and pieces,

Upcoming Blog Hop and GiveAway!

The Quilting Gallery  is at it again!!  This time it’s a blog hop with GiveAways!!   On August 26th a list of bloggers will be released.  Each one has a giveaway of some sort.  Mine?   MUG RUGS!

I’m thinking of splitting it into 2 pairs.  So I can have 2 winners!  Whatcha think??  Come back Saturday-I’m starting mine a day early.  Sign up then for a chance to win!

peace and pieces,

Bloomerie, again!

Remember that pile of scraps  just showed you?  The big ones on the left.

Yup.  I took those and made something gorgeous!!   I started with a plain white, and added fusible too it.  Then I laid the scraps in a brick pattern on top of the exposed fusible. 

Added some white to act as mortar, ironed it all down well, then quilted the SNOT out of it with a zigzag. 


I LOVE IT!!!  The waves in it make it look, well organic!   I don’t know what I mean, I just know that I like it

I just wish I’d stuck to my usual binding.  Not sure I like the zigzag on that, too. 

But in general, I’m super pleased, and I hope my swap partner will be too!!

peace and pieces,

swap items and an AWESOME lunch!!!!

First of all, I’m saving a block swap from flopping.  I have 3 of these made and will make 3 more today.

FlyFoot from Quilters Cache

And then I signed up for another mugrug swap.  I’m taking the opportunity to try new things.  This time I wanted to try curves.  The theme was “Birds”.  Well, curvy flying geese sounded good to me!  But when WildChild heard about it, she insisted on Zucchini the Quaker being used.  So I present, the Flying Zucchini MugRug!

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a tad easier than I had feared.  The geese themselves were easy as pie!  Just those darn curves.  In fact, I messed up and it was too small.  Hence, this funky add on!  oops

But I’m happy in general, and I hope my partner is too.

Now the garden–holy COW some of it is amazing.  My herbs are doing well, but the catnip and basil have skyrocketed!

WildChild with Catnip

Who knew herb blossoms would be so pretty!

nosegay of basil and dill

Some of that basil was put to GOOD use!!  I made a SUPER yummy sandwich today.  Doesn’t it make you drool??

and I didn’t save you  a single bite!!!!  hehehe   Sorry!

Off to finish those other blocks, and work on a WAY overdue project before starting on the new Baby Suite!   The “Pink Elephants” one was shipped today and will be in her hands friday.  So stay tuned for those!


peace and pieces,

Rainbow mugrug

I have a CafeMom group of which I am an Admin.  I LOVE us!!  The most recent swap was a mug rug (not quite a coaster, not quite a placemat) and the theme was Rainbow.  The one I received was not a rainbow, but I love it nontheless.

But MINE, well, you tell ME!

Even the BACK is a rainbow!

I decided I didn’t want black thread on the back, but then the white poked through to the front.  See how there are tiny dots of white on the right side?

I fixed them.  How???

Just color those suckers!   Works great.  I won’t use this on a real quilt, but it’s perfect for these tiny things!

And now, here is MY quilt.  Her machine embroidery is amazing!

And last, here is the garden!!  This is all corn stalks.  Beautiful!!!!

Beans are on the far side, and nothing yet in the middle.  Working on that in the next few days.  I hope!!  Ants have also moved in, so I need to get rid of them first.

Kiddos are home, so I’m back to work!

peace and pieces,

Gearing up for the Craft Fair


So many ideas, so little time!!!  Here are some potholders…

Several sets of place mats in this style…

Gift Cards left over from last year…

felt bird and pear ornaments

Into my Safari collection!  Journals


and chapstick carrier.

My model and her water bottle tote!

Photo boxes filled with a water bottle tote, journal, and chapstick holder

And then reversible cup sleeves

They fit insulated strawcups

and insulated coffee mugs

And this will be finished…

As will this.  Both are throw sizes.

And this will be a tree skirt , and it will be finished, too.


Hope to see ya’ll there!!!

Peace and Pieces,

Photo Gallery-Small Stuff


Today I needed some Instant Gratification.  So here it is!!  The 2 pinkish ones for my swapmate, and the MardiGras just because!!  She likes teapots, and the flower is a duplicate of the ones on her header quilt.  I sure hope she likes them.  These are all approx. 10×6 inches.

Tomorrow—Cleaning, then backing the trucks, and then working on that dang dragon!!!  His Birthday Feb 9th.  AAKK!!

peace and pieces,

Monday Monday

And it is SUCH a monday!  I had a wonderful weekend, and didn’t want it to end.  I went to the Houston Quilt Festival.  It was AWESOME!!  Met a wonderful friend, saw some mega inspiration, bought some flannels and a new marking tool, and just had a great time!  PK came with me.  The Moby wrap is AWESOME.  I was very worried that 17lbs strapped to my front was going to cause some major pain, but I did well.  And so did he.  Napped a lot, cooed at strangers.  The colors and activity were fun, I guess.  Unfortunately, I’m now suffering.  He wants to be in arms again!

and Sunday I was busy with Bernie.  Together we managed to finish the mugrugs, potholders, and giftcard ornaments.

potholders/trivets $7

mugrugs $6

giftcard holder ornaments $5

and a bunch of postcards already, too!  But still, more to go!