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Hecks Haven

This is quite a bit off-topic, but I love animals.  Like, REALLY love animals.  I have SUCKER tattooed across my forehead, I think.  The current body count in the house is 3 dogs, 6 cats, and a rabbit.  We had guinea pigs, too.  They have crossed the rainbow bridge.  (and I’m trying to convince the Hubby to let me have some chickens!)

LC, my Favoritest Little Girl!!! Also the biggest PITA!

When I was in high school I hand raised the Science Club’s baby cockatiels. Then I went through a training program offered by the Audubon Zoo and became a songbird rehabilitator.  I successfully released quite a few!!

So the neighbor girl found a bird with a broken wing Tuesday evening.  I had NO idea what this bird was, and no supplies for bleeding/splints.  Internet, here I come!  It was a Nighthawk!  And they eat while flying, posing a very difficult task for feeding.

“Bob” the NightHawk

Thank heavens there was a rehab center only 20 min away!!!  This little bird needed a lot more than I could offer.  This place was AMAZING!!!  A huge pond with ducks, geese, and PELICANS!  Yes, pelicans!  2 whites, and 2 browns.  One had only a single wing, another had a messed up bill.

the 1 winged pelican

Mrs Heck pointed us toward the deer pen before rushing Bob off into her home.  I expected a few, but I was SHOCKED when I heard “thunder”.  A whole HERD!

deer herd

One was missing a leg.

3 legged deer

She had another pen with chickens and bunnies!  I don’t seem to have a picture of that.  But I DID get her “guards”!

peacocks on the roof

I’ve been asking around and it appears Mrs Heck is a magician with injured animals.  I hope she can work her magic on Bob.  I will call later to see if it is still alive.

I wanna be HER when I grow up!!!!!!!

Louisiana irises, bacon quilts, and teeth. aka LIFE!

I ran out of THREAD!!  Ugh.  I’ve reordered it, and it should be here no later than Monday.  Hopefully Saturday.  I am annoyed that I keep underestimating my thread usage. I have 2 others ready to quilt, but I don’t have enough pins to pin-baste another.  So I’m STUCK!  dang–that means housework, doesn’t it??

So since I have no quilty pictures to show, how about my Louisiana irises??  Aren’t they stunning??

I guess I DO have a  pseudo-quilt to show off.  I saw it on a message board and I just HAD to do it.  So here are 2 strawberry people, snoozing comfortably on a bed of scrambled eggs, beneath a bacon quilt!  This breakfast served the whole family!

Don’t they look happy????


And my handsome youngest employee got in TWO TEETH!!!   In 2 days!!  Yup.  That explains a LOT!!!!   Now to await the top 2, and MAYBE we can get some sleep.  Oh, WHO am I kidding.  Little turd will be learning how to walk by then, and still be up all night processing his achievements!!  LOL  But he is SOOO CUTE!!!

peace and pieces,

March is GORGEOUS!

So far, 2 amazing days in March.  I have my diapers on the line, and the sheets will follow.  It is JUST that nice!!

And the Gator is washed, dried, and packaged.  Waiting to hear from the client so I can deliver him.  Look at my sweet MailMan!!!

Look at all that quilty goodness after his bath!!  He’s awfully  soft and cuddly, for a scaley reptile.  I love the Poof once my quilts are dried.

Laundry today, airing out the house, and HOPEFULLY quilting the Camo.  I would really REALLY like to have that shipped Friday.

peace and pieces,

Pay it Forward

Well, yesterday was Pay It Forward day.  I didn’t even leave the house!  AKKK, but an opportunity fell into my lap anyway.  There is a very young boy who has been very recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  Right in here in my town.  That is one of my biggest fears as a mother.  As soon as humanly possible, that little boy will have a warm, bright quilt to take with him to treatments.  If I design it like the Downy Quilts for Kids, it should be allowed in the hospital.

Poor little man.  And his family.  I feel so horrible for them.

On a happier note, Mr PK slept ALL night last night! I put him down at 9:30, and he is still snoozing at 7am!  What did I do??  I have NO idea.  I fed him cereal last night, but I’ve done that before.  And I went back to swaddling both arms (he threw a fit and punched me in the nose!).  Maybe that did it.  I dunno.  But I slept like a rock!  It was probably a fluke, but I’ll take it.  Any sleep is better than what I’ve been getting!

I hope to have the borders on Rhapsody in Blue done by tonight.  Maybe I’d better make the quilt label first, huh?  I hate handsewing those things!!


peace and pieces,

proper credit

The new header on my blog is NOT my work!!  Nor is it the complete picture.  I would like to send anyone who likes the picture to Melonie Brister Photographer And here are a few more that she took of my sweet baby boy!

Phillip, on Hurricane Phillip

i screwed up!

while trying to redo the appearance of my blog, i messed up something.  please be patient!  i’m also typing one handed with a fussy infant!!  slows things down a bit!

It’s been quiet, yet NOT so quiet!!

My sewing machine and studio have been gathering dust.  Because Phillip FINALLY made his appearance.  He’s 3 weeks old today.  He’s gaining wait left and right, and is a pretty easy baby.  Now, if I can ONLY get him to sleep!!  He still eats every SINGLE 2 hours.  Day and night.  But when an 8lb10oz baby grows to an 11 lb baby in ONLY 3 weeks, I guess eating every 2 hours is necessary.  And yes, he EATS!  He’s not just using me as a pacifier!!

Phillip Karl Aug 13th, 2010

His sisters adore him, but Michael isn’t too sure!!

My Niece is in love, too!!

so 3 weeks later, Mr Fats s thriving, and I’m really close to dragging out Bernie again.  I have a fall quilt that has been cut out and partially sewn, and a Black-n-Gold WhoDat quilt for a client.  Plus a craft fair in 10 weeks!!!!  I’ll be soliciting advice on that in another post!!

So I leave you with a recent picture!


well, she LOVED her Stripes, and is ordering another for Christmas.  PLUS Another repeat customer wants a throw for Christmas.   and the 2 that I want to get done, for Christmas.  Oh yeah–did I mention the baby due in only a few short weeks??  AAAKK!!!

quilt contest, quilt label, and others!

First of all, I added a label to Sara’s Stripes!  She had some booties from her first grandson.  THIS is what I did!!

the label is attached inside, and rolls up!

Next, I entered “Forever Yours” (aka Wolfie) in a photo quilt contest.  This link is supposedly the clickable thingy.  But i doubt its gonna work.  I’ll try anyway!

<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”Weekly Themed Quilt Contests” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

And last, I”M WORKING ON THE PURPLE SUE!!!   Well, when Mike isn’t begging me to “Dit Down” with him in the recliner.  He’s bored, and the girls aren’t up yet.  Poor kid!

ok–back to work!!

maternity pictures

OK, so a tad off topic here, but I HAD to show these off!  I have several friends who are photographers.  This is Melonie Brister at  I decided to try her this time!!  And she did NOT FAIL!!!  The kids, the corn, the quilt, and even my belly!  She has an amazing eye, and great imagination.  Thanks Melonie!!