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Witchy Sue–A FREE Paper Pieced Pattern

I am super excited to announce the debut of

Stitches and Kisses

Dorothy Gautier and I have joined our brains, and are creating the CUTEST series.   This is just the first of many.  We are not sure of the exact format, but keep your eyes open.

So here she is!   Our first Baby–Witchy Sue!  PDF file is here—–>Sunbonnet Witchy Sue

This is the same block in fabric!

Isn’t she SWEET?  And here is Dorothy’s version.   We have made a few changes since she made this, but you can see how the fabrics she used gave the project a different look.  The FLY and broomstick were both from a magazine about 3 years ago.   If anyone can identify the magazine issue, PLEASE let me know so we can offer proper credit. 

I made mine into a pillow slip cover. 

Isn’t Sue perfect?

Just remember that Stitches and Kisses will be releasing more stuff as the months go on.  Keep your eyes pealed!   Dot and I are AWESOME together!!!

peace and pieces,

Pillows, Pillows, and MORE pillows!

Once the WildChild decided she wanted to make a pillow, she DID!!   Start to finish, even the quilting. 

OK, so I hand sewed the stuffing hole closed.  but that was all! 

It’s gorgeous!  I’m super proud of her for completing this.

Then The Apprentice decided she could not be outdone, and did THIS for her friend’s birthday.

But the Apprentice wasn’t quite so diligent, and I had to finish it for her.I loved the button accent!

While all of this other sewing was going on, Blue Eyed Boy decided that HE had to have a pillow too.  He even “helped” a bit.

I attempted my first ever string blocks, and I’m quite pleased!

So was Blue Eyed Boy!

And no, I didn’t forget Brown Eyed Boy, either.

Please forgive the crappy shots—they wouldn’t give me the pillows back long enough to go outdoors for better pictures!!  LOL

Now to get back to work on Sunset Over Hawaii.  The applique work is very time consuming.

peace and pieces,

WildChild–The new Apprentice???

Well, WildChild did some sewing today.  And is in LOVE.  For now…..  LOL  She is a true Gemini.  One day it’s great, the next not so much.  But for today, she loves it!!  At the moment she has 2 panels of 3″ squares.

She has already changed the pillow design 2 or 3 times by now.  First it was going to be 2 pillows.  One with the dark print, one with the light print.  THEN she wanted 2 identical pillows-1 panel of each color.  and NOW, she wants a BIG pillow, but we had to add another fabric.  Yowsers this girl is on fire!  LOL

The Apprentice has also gone to work-making a pillow for one of her friends who is having a birthday next weekend.

Either way, Butterfly Angels is in good hands.

This is what I am SUPPOSED to be working on.  But A) monkeys are on my BERNIE!  And B) I can’t find my black thread.  Darn.

And while this isn’t the best pic of my BrownEyedBoy, I still like the picture.

And here is another of my Zucchini.  I don’t think I’ve posted it before.  if I have, tough!  LOL  He likes broccoli.  a LOT!

WildChild is back at the machine, sewing up the next set of colors.  I’m so proud!

peace and pieces,