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Yesterday’s progress

First of all, I made a Hobby Lobby run.   Where Brown Eyed Boy threw my cell on the floor, and “lost” my coupon for a while.   Took me 10 minutes to reboot my phone and get it to work again.   Then—JUST as I was checking out, a nun offered the line her printed coupon.   WHERE WAS SHE 10 MINUTES EARLIER?!  lol  Wasn’t funny at the time, I tell ya.

But I bought the fabric for the next quilt, and batting for it as well as my baby quilt I have coming down the line.  AND the fabric for the Pelican dress.

Do you remember when The Apprentice was a Fur Festival Queen for a costume contest?  30(1)

Well, with the help of the amazing Jessica (at Happy Together) it was transformed.  20130605_083704

It was ALL her idea to hot glue rows and rows and rows of fringe to the underskirt.   Ya’ll, this chick is awesome!!   I never EVER could have done this without her!!  She even cut over HALF of the fringe in the first place!  Then I shredded the over skirt.  The cape, mask, and head piece were all based on her original idea.


I will show pics of the Apprentice wearing it eventually.   The hat thing needs a real hair do to hold it on…..and a wackton of bobbie pins!!  She will wear this in the State Costume Contest Friday the 21st.   The Pelican is our State Bird, and we went more Mardi Gras style than “Pete the Mascot”.   Wish us luck!!

peace and pieces,

Housekeeping and purse skirts-Jack Skellington!

First of all, the housekeeping.  I’d like to remind you all that, while MY block for the Glorious Autumn Hop is done, there are MANY MANY more to go.  Please go support the great designers!  And the Whims and Fancies hop started already, even though I’m not showcased until the 24th of this month.  So check out the paper pieced blocks offered.  There will also be a SPECIAL block released HERE on Butterfly Angels on Halloween Day.  My partner Dorothy Gautier and I are “Stitches and Kisses”!!  We’ve been percolating an idea for years now.   It’s time we brought it into the light!

Now, the skirts!!!   I have a sweet friend who sells 31 purses.  Charlene sells them HERE. She gave me an awesome purse, and in exchange, I made her some skirts!   I made this one for me, first!!

Now, these are “dry” fit.   I havn’t put the hooks on them yet.   I just HAD to know if they all fit properly!!!

This one is for Char.

Yes, I realize the print is on it’s side.   But that Eiffel tower would NEVER have fit otherwise!

And last??   Her favorite movie!

Isn’t he sinister looking???

I shaded the eyebrows just a tad to make him even more dimmensional.

Even the pinstripes (thanks Steam) were almost perfect!

I used the pattern and tutorial at 365 Days to Simplicity.  She did an excellent job with step-by-step directions.   If you have your own purse, it is a breeze to make your own skirt!

Now I’m off to hand stitch the little hooks on.   AND, Jack needs a Santa hat.   hmmm…….

peace and pieces,

DIY room redo

These lofts were done years ago.  I think WildChild was 3 or 4.  They were cool, but you know me.  They needed PAINT.

view of stairs from the top

So Hubby brought the girls to the store and came home with these crazy colors.  I was a tad shocked, but hey—OK!  LOL

Launch Pads for the girls

The colors perfectly matched the crazy wall hanging that has ALSO been up for years! 

LOL.  Hubby and the girls started the painting, but life got in the way. And 2 baby brothers.

flash off to show the lights!

So, while they were gone, and BrownEyed Boy napped, I busted my hump.

BrownEyed Boy “helping”.  Notice the UNDERWEAR!!!

And this is the result.

Guest bed

The Apprentice walked in first. 

Then WildChild. 

Who immediately checked it out. 

And LOVED it! 

I’m really happy to see how much they liked the room.

The Apprentice’s hole

NOW, what do I do in the boys’ room?  Or maybe I should just paint the kitchen first???

WildChild’s hole

It’s good to have all my ducks in my nest again.

He is in LOVE with the camera these days.

peace and pieces,

Flannel Suite for Amy Leigh

I am SOOOO excited to show this off!!  Miss AmyLeigh is due any day now, and this is just perfect for a sweet girl.    Ruffled bedskirt…

Pink elephant on the bumper…

Bows holding it all together

And the softest flannel from Connecting Threads.

The crib quilt is a modified version of my pattern, Butterfly Kisses.

A few scraps make a bassinet quilt.  Also great for car trips!  And a diaper stacker to keep the nursery neat.

I even managed to make a few stuffies for a mobile.  My moon is a tad skinny.  oops.

I threw in a raggy stuffed A.  It was so cute!  I thought I took a good picture, but I can’t find it.  This cell shot will have to do.

I’m really excited.  And NOW, another set!!!  This one will be Sunset in Hawaii, and HERE are the fabrics.

But first, I have a Carpenter’s square to finish!  And also on the pipeline–2 twins and a crib, all matching colors, in a CELTIC theme!!   Busy Busy Busy!

peace and pieces,

another twirl dress

I will get pics of this ON the child it will belong to, but until then…….

Bayleigh will LOVE it!!


Oh–and here is the Apprentice laying out her newest quilt.  She just needs to slow down enough to SEW it!!

peace and pieces,

Photo Gallery-Small Stuff

the next 2

I will have 3 tops to quilt when I get these done.  The purple and gold “Geaux” and these 2 scrappy twins.  I know for SURE that one will be on this royal blue.

The 2nd is up in the air.  I have a red design wall–It looks AWESOME on this shade.

But I can ALSO see this done in chocolate brown, navy, or a hunter green.  SOOOO many options!!  LOL

And I think I’ll show you all the back of the cape.  But NOT the front view.  Queen Gabrielle needs her hair and crown before I show all of it off!

peace and pieces,

Hexagon progress and a Poddle Skirt

We had a road trip yesterday, so I managed to sew a few more flowers together.  My hand is really bugging me though.  I guess from cutting the cape appliques out.  I don’t know.  But anyway, here is how far I am NOW.  The past project posts can be seen HERE.

It’s a start at least!  I’m about halfway done with the bouquet.  Gotta keep on trucking!!

And here is a TOTALLY complete poodle skirt and petticoat.  She is in LOVE with it!!  We need a short sleeve shirt, and she will NOT wear lime green socks!  LOL

Look at her twirl!

See that leash????   She HAD to pick out the MOST expensive rhinestones, of course!!  AND I had to hand sew the darn thing.

The petticoat was a PITA!  Look at all those pins!

But that part is done.  Now, back to the cape appliques!

peace and pieces,

She LOVED the Twirl Dress


Thank GOD for this beautiful child!

peace and pieces, amy

Twirl Skirt

I found a neat little tutorial HERE and messed around with it.  First, I took a Shirt made in the Pillowcase Dress manner, and took the sides in.

It measures about 24 inches around the bottom.  then, I took 5 inch squares.

a LOT of 5 inch squares!!

100, to be exact.  I used 7 for the first tier.

11 in the 2nd tier.

17 in the 3rd tier.

About now is when I realize that the bodice looks a bit odd.  I compare it to a dress that she just got from her Granny.

Ah HAH!!  it’s too long.  I’ll have to fix that.

So, on to the 4th tier, with 26 squares.  Gathering the upper edge of each of these rows is becoming a PITA!

The last tier has 39 squares.  Add all of that up, and you get 100 squares!  And here is the finished product with the shortened bodice.  Looks MUCH better, now.

This could be made super scrappy with a few charm packs.  or less scrappy with some yardage.  Either way, I think it’s ADORABLE!

I can’t WAIT till tomorrow night, when she gets it for her real BIRTHday, and twirls and whirls all around the yard!!!

peace and pieces,