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Sportlov Sussi (Skating Sue Swap)


Yes, she came!  Look at her!!!!  Isn’t she awesome?  And ALL the way from SWEDEN!   I know, I know, I shipped to Australia–why shouldn’t I get an international Sue in return.   But still….I was surprised!

Look at the “fur” detail on the hood!20121206_091903

Awesome word fabric.   I assume it’s a foreign language, but not really sure!  It’s not English, that’s for sure!  LOL20121206_091909

The tiny wonky log cabins-I keep seeing this but havn’t tried it yet.   They are so cute and quirky-I really ought to try it.20121206_091918

Even the label is awesome!   She paid SUCH attention to the details.20121206_091926

AND I even got extra goodies!!   Chocolate, salted licorice (I can’t wait to try that!) floss, a moose medallion, and some scrap fabrics.  The hedgehog print is to DIE for!   I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  Maybe some Wonky Log cabins with the scraps?!  Could make a great mini for spring!!!20121205_124510

Getting the envelope totally made my day.   I stopped the mail lady on my way out because I was expecting a box from Connecting Threads.   It was supposed to rain and I didn’t want it left on the porch.   She handed me this envelope first.   When I saw that it was from Sweden, I screamed!!   I am a tad ashamed to admit this,  but I sounded like a preteen at a boy band concert!  The mail lady laughed as I tore into the envelope and showed off the quilt.  20121205_124153

See?   Told you I tore into it!!   So go take a peek at Lizzie’s blog, at Swedish Scrapper.   I just spent some time there myself.  She has these teeny tiny log cabin blocks, and an amazing New York Beauty doll quilt.   Very talented woman!  Thank You again, Lizzie!!!  I LOVE my Sportlov Sussi!!!!(by the way, she says that is roughly translated into Winter Break Sussi)

And don’t forget to drop into The Quilting Gallery–this is where all the swaps and blog hops are!   Another blog hop with giveaways will start on December 10th!

I think the Brown Eyed Boy is finally asleep.   Back to Jemma the Long arm, and the 50 Shades of Camo quilt!

peace and pieces,


swap items and an AWESOME lunch!!!!

First of all, I’m saving a block swap from flopping.  I have 3 of these made and will make 3 more today.

FlyFoot from Quilters Cache

And then I signed up for another mugrug swap.  I’m taking the opportunity to try new things.  This time I wanted to try curves.  The theme was “Birds”.  Well, curvy flying geese sounded good to me!  But when WildChild heard about it, she insisted on Zucchini the Quaker being used.  So I present, the Flying Zucchini MugRug!

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a tad easier than I had feared.  The geese themselves were easy as pie!  Just those darn curves.  In fact, I messed up and it was too small.  Hence, this funky add on!  oops

But I’m happy in general, and I hope my partner is too.

Now the garden–holy COW some of it is amazing.  My herbs are doing well, but the catnip and basil have skyrocketed!

WildChild with Catnip

Who knew herb blossoms would be so pretty!

nosegay of basil and dill

Some of that basil was put to GOOD use!!  I made a SUPER yummy sandwich today.  Doesn’t it make you drool??

and I didn’t save you  a single bite!!!!  hehehe   Sorry!

Off to finish those other blocks, and work on a WAY overdue project before starting on the new Baby Suite!   The “Pink Elephants” one was shipped today and will be in her hands friday.  So stay tuned for those!


peace and pieces,

Rainbow mugrug

I have a CafeMom group of which I am an Admin.  I LOVE us!!  The most recent swap was a mug rug (not quite a coaster, not quite a placemat) and the theme was Rainbow.  The one I received was not a rainbow, but I love it nontheless.

But MINE, well, you tell ME!

Even the BACK is a rainbow!

I decided I didn’t want black thread on the back, but then the white poked through to the front.  See how there are tiny dots of white on the right side?

I fixed them.  How???

Just color those suckers!   Works great.  I won’t use this on a real quilt, but it’s perfect for these tiny things!

And now, here is MY quilt.  Her machine embroidery is amazing!

And last, here is the garden!!  This is all corn stalks.  Beautiful!!!!

Beans are on the far side, and nothing yet in the middle.  Working on that in the next few days.  I hope!!  Ants have also moved in, so I need to get rid of them first.

Kiddos are home, so I’m back to work!

peace and pieces,

New Beginnings mini received!!!

Good Morning all!!!   It’s taking me 3 days to get this post to you.  There is just WAY too much on my plate!!  But this is from MY partner Crystal!!

Isn’t it ADORABLE????   You can check out her blog here.  LOOK at the embroidery!

I rarely do handwork–You ALL know that.  And this is FULL of hand embroidery.  I’ve never been brave enough to try that yet.

The eggs are my absolute favorite!!

And of course, the Apprentice loves the bunnies!

Thank you SO much, Crystal!!   I truly love it!!!  It is hanging on my front door and will likely be there through June!  LOL

peace and pieces,

The Quilting Gallery New Beginnings Blog Swap

You’ve been watching my progress.  You just didn’t know it! This is the newly named “Butterfly Kisses” pattern that I’m working up.  SOON it will be available as a free PDF tutorial!  This was the first version with extra colors.  I honestly like it better than the 3 color version, but the tutorial already took FOREVER!!!

I actually sat down long enough to handquilt this.  I NEVER do anything by hand.  I just don’t have the time.  But I forced myself.  And I LOVED it!!   I started with echoing everything in white.  but you KNOW I had to add my butterfly.  Long story, but I screwed up and messed up my fabric!!   The light blue covered a very poor marking decision on one of the squares.  And then, I LOVED IT!!!   So I added some orange peel-ish quilting too.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  But even BETTER—My PARTNER seems to love it!!   She is a quilter named Kelly.  Her life seems very similar to mine (poor lady!!  LOL)  Go check out her work!  Her blog is A Plain Path.

Strangely enough, I had this all the way done, and had started on the quilting when I finally checked out her blog.  And found where she used the SAME fabric to make a hexagon project!!  Was that kismet, or WHAT?  I hope this gives you as much joy, Kelly, as I had while making it!!

Now, the OTHER project!!!   I used a pattern/tutorial from Moda to make a Baby Quilt!

Isn’t it beautiful??  Yes, you Connecting Threads fans–this is yet another one of their fabric collections.   This one is quite old, but I never had a good reason to use it.  The back is cute, but simple.

Those specs are the pins, before the flaps were sewn down.  Now—-WHO can I give this to??  SOMEONE needs to have a baby girl!  LOL

I’m in the middle of about 4 other projects right now, plus the craft fair NEXT WEEKEND!!  AAAKKKK  Wish me luck.  Because I’m about to lose my MIND!!

peace and pieces,

Home again and on to Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving was AWESOME!  I had a great time at my parents.  And with my niece.  She is active, but sooo bubbly.  I adore that kid!  But it’s back to the grind. I have to finish the butterflies, start on a dragon, and make 13 bags and journals.  Yikes I’m going to be busy.  Wish me luck!

But first, a sneak of the butterfly!

And I received a gift in the mail right before Thanksgiving.  I joined a swap that used a different format.  I think I like it!  The swap was hosted by Quilting Gallery.  They gave you a pattern that you had to use, but it was open to interpretation.  HERE is the original post.  I made this one and sent it off.

The recipient said she liked it super scrappy. And she seemed pleased when she received it.  THIS is the one i found, and I LOVE it! 

And LOOK at the stitches!  She hand quilted this.  They are perfectly even.

sigh    Someday I’ll have the time to handquilt.  Someday……………………..


peace and pieces,