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Fleur De Lis quilt

First of all, if you’re looking for the GiveAway, click HERE.

Now, on to the quilt!!!  Do you remember this picture?

Well, those fabrics got turned into 16 of THESE!

And those, after being sewn, bordered, quilted and bound, have become…

60 inch square, Log Cabin Blocks, with applique $150

quilted Fleurs

I’m so happy with this.  This is made for a client, so can not be sold.  However,  I WILL take orders.  Delivery won’t be until at least the end of January, though.  I have some Christmas gifts, and a craft show to get done between now and then.

I truly love the log cabin block.  I’ve used it on several other occassions.  Depending on how they are set up, the coolest designs form!

This one became almost star-like.

And this became a Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

Fall Into Fall Blogger Event-Giveways Galore!!!

The GiveAway is OVER!!  I used my daughter as my random picker.  If anyone wants proof of the validity, I did video it.  But she picked…. (drumroll please)…


and number 2 is

Natasha | October 1, 2010 at 5:36 pm | Reply | Edit

I really like your choice of colors, squeek!

So congratulations, and I’ll get that out early next week!!

edited 6:40 am October 15, 2010


Good Morning Fellow Quilters, Bloggers, and Friends!  Welcome to OCTOBER!!  Today in SWLA it’s a crisp 65 degrees.  All my windows are wide open, and it just smells so good!  I’ll make bread dough for pizzas later, so that’ll really make things smell good!

The purpose of this blog is to host my portion of a massive giveaway.  TO take advantage of ALL of the wonderful things happening, follow these steps.

1) Take a peek at what I have to offer.  If you like it…
2) Post a comment.
3) Click on the scarecrow.
4) On the right side is a list of participating bloggers.  Click on those links, leave THEM comments, and wait.

All winners are to be chosen October 15th.  I will probably use my daughters to make my winner.  I’ll have them pick a number between 1 and ??  And that person will be contacted and shipped my Table Runner.

Random Scrappy Hourglass blocks were combined with HalfSquare Triangles, and an ADORABLE flower print.  Quilting was done with a walking foot to show a friend how straight lines can still looks good.  Approx dimensions are 15inch by 34, I think.

Now don’t forget to leave a comment.  I’ll need your email address to contact you if you win!  And after you comment, click on the scarecrow!!

Good Luck to all, and HAPPY FALL!!!!

PS!! Thank you all for the lovely comments.  PLEASE subscribe to my feed!  you won’t be sorry!

Craft Fair

I’ve asked on my Facebook page, and got some great feedback.  But I thought I’d ask here, as well.  I get traffic on this blog that I don’t get anywhere else!!

So, when YOU go to a craft fair, for WHAT are you looking?  How much money are you willing to spend?  What kinds of items?

So far, I’m hearing no more than $10-$15, small bags or wallets.  I know my bookmarks sold, but they were $2 a piece, so that makes sense!!  My quilted things (placemats, runners, and door hangings) don’t seem to do well.   Even my postcards did poorly.  I guess most people can’t figure them out!!

Any and ALL advice is welcome!!

Craft Fair Novemeber 2009

Jammed in a project!

A call from a friend today–I made her 2 door banners for her classroom last year.  Halloween and Christmas.  OOPS!!  LOL  Can I make one for the first day of school??  Well, since I BOUGHT fabric specifically for this MONTHS ago, SURE!!!  4 hours later, here it is!!

18x36 door banner $35

I wish I’d taken pictures of the progress I made yesterday on my Fall quilt.  I have a LOT of “Bonus HSTs”, too.  Now WHAT am I going to do with 1 inch UNfinished HST’s??  LOL  Miniquilt fodder, I guess.  I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow.  IF my feet allow me to sew.  today, they are a tad angry with me!

poor swollen piggies!!

Hurricane Phillip, the Quilt!

Last Friday, someone showed me an interesting quilt filled with snailtrails and stars.  She said the snail trails reminded her of hurricanes!  Hmmm, goes my nesting brain.  Clean, or sew??   Well, DUH!!  Off to EQ I go, and design a Hurricane Quilt for Phillip.  There was also Tropical Storm Bonnie headed our way at that point.  She wasn’t supposed to get big, so I figured it was a good enough reason.  And maybe the Low system would bring Phillip on out!  Well, that part didn’t work.  Baby Phillip is still firm inside.  But his quilt is done, and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Hurricane Phillip 40x40

I can’t believe I finished it ALL in one single day!!  But my feet very much punished me for it!

and now, the wait for Phillip continues!!!!!

Almost Twin Sues for Almost Twin Pughs

Yes, Pugh rhymes with Sue!  I started these gorgeous things THREE YEARS AGO.  Yes, I know.  there is no excuse for that amount of time!  But alas, it was that long anyway.  When they are totally done, they’ll have 6 inch of eyelet lace all around the edges.  But until we get the lace, these are bound and useable.  And I’m SOO pleased!!

I LOVE the turning ribbon in this one!!!!

Quilt Camp Finale

Here they are folks!!   The finished products!  All three are SOOO proud of themselves.  And truly, I did VERY little to help on the tops.  Each of the older girls did at least 90% of the sewing, and ALL of the ripping.  I helped the 5 year old a bit more, of course.  And I did all the quilting and binding.  I DID learn my own lesson, however—when teaching children this young, use a larger seam allowance.  The standard Quilters 1/4 inch was just tooooo small.  No wiggle room.  Obviously, this means only super duper simple patterns can be used, but that’s all a wise person would use on young kids anyway, right??!!  Here you go!

Ashlei's Summer FourPatch

Gabby's Summer FourPatch

Katherine's Summer FourPatch

quilt contest, quilt label, and others!

First of all, I added a label to Sara’s Stripes!  She had some booties from her first grandson.  THIS is what I did!!

the label is attached inside, and rolls up!

Next, I entered “Forever Yours” (aka Wolfie) in a photo quilt contest.  This link is supposedly the clickable thingy.  But i doubt its gonna work.  I’ll try anyway!

<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”Weekly Themed Quilt Contests” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

And last, I”M WORKING ON THE PURPLE SUE!!!   Well, when Mike isn’t begging me to “Dit Down” with him in the recliner.  He’s bored, and the girls aren’t up yet.  Poor kid!

ok–back to work!!

Sara’s Scrappy Stripes

This such a super easy pattern, yet so very stunning!!  You can add borders like I did, or not add any at all.  I’ll probably redo it with no borders next time.  The start of the quilt is here.  And the finished project—

Scrappy quilt. x-large throw $150

I’m really pleased with the double daisies I free motioned.  No marking at all!!  And they came out great!  It’ll be used a lot more often, I believe.  Just need a Go-To free motion for boy quilts, I guess!

closeup of the double daisies

I can’t wait to give this to Sara.  She’s going to LOVE IT!!!

2" grid on the borders

Next stop??  the Sue’s.  I SWEAR!!!!!

WIP-charm squares and baby hats

I had a GREAT birthday, thanks to an awesome friend.  She kicked me out of my house, kept my kids, and off I went!  The only purchase I made, though, was a set of Moda Charm Squares.  I added the sashing and border fabrics from my stash, but this is what I ended up with!!  About 40 inches square.  Not sure WHAT to do with it, but I HAD to use those charms.  They were eating at me!!

OH!!!  And I attempted to knit a hat!!  LOL  it didn’t work so well.  It’s supposed to be an LSU hat for Baby Phillip.  I followed the directions, but since I’m a new NEW knitter, I’m not surprised it wasn’t perfect.  Shoot–I’m just excited it resembles a hat!!!!  The brim is too big–notice it fits a cranky Mike.  BUT, since I followed the instructions, it’s not TALL enough for Mike.  Oh well.  On to try two!!