Yesterday’s progress

First of all, I made a Hobby Lobby run.   Where Brown Eyed Boy threw my cell on the floor, and “lost” my coupon for a while.   Took me 10 minutes to reboot my phone and get it to work again.   Then—JUST as I was checking out, a nun offered the line her printed coupon.   WHERE WAS SHE 10 MINUTES EARLIER?!  lol  Wasn’t funny at the time, I tell ya.

But I bought the fabric for the next quilt, and batting for it as well as my baby quilt I have coming down the line.  AND the fabric for the Pelican dress.

Do you remember when The Apprentice was a Fur Festival Queen for a costume contest?  30(1)

Well, with the help of the amazing Jessica (at Happy Together) it was transformed.  20130605_083704

It was ALL her idea to hot glue rows and rows and rows of fringe to the underskirt.   Ya’ll, this chick is awesome!!   I never EVER could have done this without her!!  She even cut over HALF of the fringe in the first place!  Then I shredded the over skirt.  The cape, mask, and head piece were all based on her original idea.


I will show pics of the Apprentice wearing it eventually.   The hat thing needs a real hair do to hold it on…..and a wackton of bobbie pins!!  She will wear this in the State Costume Contest Friday the 21st.   The Pelican is our State Bird, and we went more Mardi Gras style than “Pete the Mascot”.   Wish us luck!!

peace and pieces,

Vote for the next quilt

I will have an “empty” space on my machine for a short while.   Which of these should I toss on there?  Once these are quilted, they will go in the Etsy Store.Easy Peasy Patchwork

peace and pieces,


I have quite a few goals this year.  Bloggy ones, as well as personal ones.   August is usually my “New Year”–I always loved Back-To-School time.  Yes, I was a nerd…why do you ask?!  LOL  And I know it’s only June.  But having just had a birthday, I think it’s a good time.

Personal goals all involve the house, the family, and my health.   But you’re not here to listen to THOSE complaints!

See the mess behind me?  That's just ONE of the piles.

See the mess behind me? That’s just ONE of the piles. And it’s small compared to the others.

Bloggy and professional goals are MUCH more interesting!

1) Move at least ONE UFO to the longarm a month.   Get them done, so I can sell or enjoy them.  I need backing for most of those–there is the problem.

That is a UFO from LAST year!

That is a UFO from LAST year!

2) Write at least one pattern a month, OTHER than the SunBonnet Sues.  Or a tutorial.   Both are places I need to build up.

tutorial on making a foot pocket is on it's way

tutorial on making a foot pocket is on it’s way

3) Get poor Jennifer’s Celtic quilts DONE!  It’s been over a year now.

Baby version of Celtic Sister.  I need 2 twins.

Baby version of Celtic Sister. I need 2 twins.

4) Try to double my subscriber list in the next year.  Right now I’m at 202 blog subscribers and 351 Facebook followers.

5) FIGURE OUT HOW TO MOVE THE BLOG TO  I’m paying good money for the domain and hosting, and can’t even use it properly.

Click Me!

Click Me!

6) Join in to the blogging community more.   I’ve already done several swaps with Michelle at The Quilting Gallery, am joining in her Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along, and just recently joined a Bee with A Yankee in Queen Liz’s Court.

FQ's for the Quilt Along

FQ’s for the Quilt Along

What kind of goals do YOU have set?

peace and pieces,


t-shirt quilt.

There was a horrible tragedy in my little community.  IMG_7750

I won’t go into details, but I will show the t-shirt quilt I threw together.  A friend showed up here with a stack of shirts and said HELP.  IMG_7749

She kept my house and kids, and I sewed.  Somehow, God guided my hands.   Not a single mistake was made; no flubs; it was perfect.IMG_7752

And in 6 hours, the grieving family had something to hold.  IMG_7753

Please keep this family in your prayers.  And go hug your babies.  You never know when a freak accident will take your loved ones.

peace and pieces,

And the winner is…..

Candy!!!!  “I am subscribed! And I have a birthday this month, too! Hope your is happy and memorable.

This is the first time that I saw the last poster win!!!   Congrats, Candy!!   I will be sending an email in a few moments, but if you get this, please send your snailmail to me at!

Sooo, a giveaway?!


Saturday is my birthday.   Not a “big” one, but they are all big these days!  So, I want to do a giveaway.   But this time, there WILL be a catch.  This time, I need you to be a subscriber.   I prefer email subscriber, since I can track that.  But those of you following via a reader, please let me know that too.

What am I giving away???   I have another set of these gorgeous FQ’s.IMG_1382

Yes, those of you who are family or friends can enter.


AND, if you have no use for the fabrics alone, I will MAKE a runner with these fabrics!!!


So, I need you to do two things.


First, SUBSCRIBE!!!    The email spot is to the right at the top.  And then, leave me a comment below so I can add you.  Giveaway starts RIGHT NOW.  And will end Sunday night/Monday morning.

Leave your comments, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Not Your Ordinary Nine Patch

Who knew the plain ole boring nine patch could be transformed into THIS??!IMG_7730

Meet Halo, a milk cow.   The gentleman who ordered her also ordered the Golden Gator several years ago. februry 2011 208

I tried to replicate Halo perfectly, and I THINK I did a decent job.  IMG_7731

Before I washed her, the face had a lot more definition.   I’m kinda bummed about that.IMG_7732

But the bag came out pretty good!IMG_7733

I appliqued parts of curving areas to show the clouds and the green meadow.  IMG_7734

Most of the green curves ended up underneath Halo, but the clouds came out!!IMG_7735

I will have delivered this by the time the post goes live.   I sure hope it’s well received.   I’m showing the Guild tonight.

Up close shots of the quilting…..Pebbles in the clouds, IMG_7742

swirls in the sky, IMG_7743

and daisies in the grass.IMG_7744

I LOVE my longarm!

Don’t forget the Subscriber Giveaway HERE

peace and pieces,

Pink Elephant stuffie and wall hanging

560Remember LAST year when I did that flannel baby suite??  Go here for a refresher.IMG_7707

Well, I TOTALLY forgot that I said I’d make a wall hanging.   Char has been SO patient!!IMG_7708

I’m lucky she’s a friend!!    IMG_7709

And to say I’m Sorry, AND Happy Birthday…..IMG_7710

…how about a tiny stuffed elephant???!!IMG_7712

It is based on the tutorial by BustleAndSew, but I had some issues and kind of freeformed it.  IMG_7714

I sure hope Amy loves her new critter.IMG_7715

I know I had a blast making it!!   And I’d like to make a few more.   I imagine they’d sell at the craft fair.  IMG_7716

peace and pieces,

a rag throw, and a quilt top


16 half yards, and squares of batting.  SUPER wonky quilting for extra preteen interest, and there ya go!!IMG_7737

The back is great too, even if I DID get 2 fabrics next to each other.   LOL  oops.  IMG_7738

I will have a free tutorial up later this week to show you how I did it.

I also got some mail today!!   A friend got this at an Amish Auction for $17!IMG_7739

Awesome, isn’t it??   It’s not hand pieced, so I feel great putting it on the Long Arm to finish it off.   It has some interesting scraps in it.  Here I see Halloween and July 4th in the same block!IMG_7740

And the baseball is fairly new, but the rose print on the right looks fairly old.  IMG_7741

This is going to be so fun to quilt up.  The client wants purple.   Think I should go with a dark purple and make sure it pops, keeping motifs in their places, or should I do a lighter lavender?   Or even grey?   It will be purple on the back and the binding.  Let me know what you think!

peace and pieces,

Business…..(and a few pics, too)

I spent a quiet morning working on my summer business calendar.  If I DON”T, I know I will forget something.

Finden came to visit

Finden came to visit

From now until the first week in September, I have Mrs Cow to finish,  3 more twins, 2 cribs, a rag, and a top to quilt off for a friend.

sneak peak that mails TODAY

sneak peak that mails TODAY

AND a week of vacation, and a summer with 4 kids.   Scary huh?  And on top of it all, I just sent an email to a local small cloth diaper/natural baby store.

Can we come outside too, Mom?

Can we come outside too, Mom?

I have ALL those scraps that need to be used.   If I’m lucky, a few blocks here and there will make a sweet baby quilt that I can sell on consignment.

fabrics for a raggy quilt

fabrics for a raggy quilt

We shall see!!  Now, to head to town.   We have errands to run!!

late night visitor

late night visitor

peace and pieces,