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Quilty Decorations

Ahhh Christmas.   Time to drag out ALL the pretties and have fun!  LOL  I still don’t have very many.  But SOMEday I will.  Until then, I’ll make do with these….

This is a swap I was involved with last year with The Quilting Gallery.100_4493

Michelle gives us a pattern, usually, that must be followed, but only to a point.   The variations make each and every version so unique!   Mine was hand quilted and jeweled up!100_4494

This is the Christmas Skirt I made last year for the craft fair.   But it didn’t sell, and I LOVED it so much that, well….100_4492

And here is Merry.   Our Elf.  She was handmade by me, to have some extra specialness about her.   Then she was shipped to the North Pole for Santa to add his special touch.   She comes Thanksgiving night, and visits with us until Santa picks her up Christmas Eve.   We have a GOOD elf.  No tagging the walls or flour angels.  Merry mostly hops around different places, and is especially fond of decorated Christmas Trees.


My Blue Eyed Boy snagged the wooden disks they lop off the bottom of Christmas Trees, and then stuck a tree branch inside the hole left by the stand.   “Look mom!!   MY tree!!!”   He was delighted as only a 4 year old can be!  So I grabbed the shotgun shell lights and bought a few small ornaments.   He is tickled!  The runner underneath is another swap from MANY years ago.   One of my first with the Quilting Moms.  It is still a favorite.100_4508

Here are the stockings I just made for my most recent Craft Fair.  Not a single one sold!  But I have 6 members of MY family without nice and pretty stockings, so there they are!   I’ll get names on them eventually.   Knowing me, in about 2 years!  LOL100_4509

And last, is this glorious, UNfinished gem!   It’s a round robin that I did with 3 amazing women.  (one of whom is at Not Your Normal Steam)  I did the center jewel and each lady added a border.   I adore mine, and I really really REALLY need to finish.  Someone make me do it in June, ok?

Off to get the last BIG quilt done!

peace and pieces,